Tuesday morning buffet

Fill up before tomorrow’s news.

  • Disney’s earnings expected to take rare hit, partly due to higher programming costs for college football games on ESPN.
  • Here’s a good look at how high school offensive linemen recruits are evaluated.
  • Spurrier isn’t worried about Clowney getting hurt because “He doesn’t stand around a pile stiff-legged.”  Wonder how he’d feel if South Carolina faced an opponent that cut blocked.
  • Texas beat writer thinks ESPN will be announcing an agreement on the SEC Network soon.
  • Tennessee conducted a formal study on a subject about that any mook who’s followed SEC recruiting during the last five or so years could have given Dave Hart the lowdown over a couple of beers after work.
  • Somebody comes up with a model that purports to use recruiting rankings as a predictor of the college football season.  Somewhat surprisingly, Georgia overperformed last season.
  • And John Infante tells you three things about the National Letter of Intent you didn’t know.


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19 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Dog in Fla

    Does the pi chart in that Tennessee formal study prove that Dave Hart has purged the geometric rule of SOD symmetry from his Hamiltonian mind?

    “Dooley and company want to recruit a five-hour, 300-mile radius from Knoxville and treat everything in that circle as ‘in-state’ for UT.”



  2. Normaltown Mike

    I’m not sure Hart et al are drawing the correct conclusion from Tennessee ‘cruitin. Unless the purpose of the article is to spin their upcoming failures as a positive. The idea that UT can win by “putting a fence around the state” is laughable.

    Tennessee’s best players in the glory days were the following:
    Heath Shuler- NC
    Peyton Manning -LA
    Peerless Price – OH
    Tee Martin -Alabama
    Deon Grant – Georgia
    Cosey Coleman – Georgia
    Jamal Lewis – Georgia
    Albert Haynesworth – SC

    Yes, I know the Colquitt family punting dynasty is from Tennessee. But they won’t be sending any children to UT for another couple decades one would think.


  3. GT is now 79th in latest Rivals recruiting rankings. Of the six major conferences, only one school (Boston College) has a worse rating. CPJ is basically signing the identical talent level and type of players as he did at Navy. Five years into his tenure, CPJ has transformed GT into Navy.



    Good OL article…..


    • Last year, I tried to breakdown recruiting rankings and which positions were easiest to predict with certainty for success in college football. For example, a WR signee with a 4 or 5 star (Rivals ranking) was far more likely to make an All-SEC team as opposed to a 4 or 5 star OL. I can’t find it at the moment, but I know I posted it on here. I had gone back and determined the Rivals ranking for every player to make All-SEC over an eight year period for every SEC team.

      In a nutshell, OL and DB’s were the toughest to predict. A 3 star OL or DB was almost as likely to make an All-SEC team as a 4 or 5 star….much more volatility at those two positions. WR was by far the safest and most reliable position to predict. A 5 star WR was practically a lock for All-conference at some point in his career. After WR, LB’s were the next safest picks followed by defensive lineman. Basically, WR, LB and DL were about the only reliable positions you feel good about with respect to their rivals rating. OL and DB’s were a crapshoot. QB and RB’s were volatile but not as much as OL and DB.


      • Zeb McKinzey & Tim Jennings

        “In a nutshell, OL and DB’s were the toughest to predict.”

        Those are just a bunch of facts. Give us some names!


  5. UGA’s All-SEC performers the past decade by position and corresponding Rivals Ranking (excluding 2012 season and Special Teams).

    Of the 7 offensive lineman to make All SEC, 3 were four star recruits, and 4 were three star recruits.

    Only 2 wide receivers made All SEC; Massaquoi was 4 star and AJ Green was five star.

    Of the 3 TE’s, 2 were four star and 1 was a 3 star.

    Of the 7 DB’s; 1 five star, 2 four star, 1 three star, 2 two star, 1 walk-on (Tra Battle)

    Of the 4 DL, 3 were four star; 1 was a three star

    Of the 5 linebackers, 4 were four star; 1 was a three star.

    Of our 5 kickers and punters to make All-SEC, Coutu, Mimbs and Ely-Kelso were walk-ons. Drew Butler was a 2 star. Blair Walsh a 3 star.

    The tally from the signing classes from 2002 to 2008 for UGA (excluding kickers and punters). :

    3 of 9 (33%) five star players made 1st or 2nd Team All-SEC.
    17 of 98 (17%) four star players made 1st or 2nd Team All-SEC.
    9 of 70 (13%) three star players made 1st or 2nd Team All-SEC.
    3 of 7 (43%) two star players made 1st or 2nd Team All-SEC

    The 2003-2005 classes had 31 commits rated 4 or 5 stars. But only 3 of the 31 made 1st or 2nd team All-SEC in their career. Less than 10% was not very good. UGA felt that in wins and losses later on.


  6. WarD Eagle

    Grantham & Richt are just messing with you guys, now.



  7. Pardon me if this is too much information, but I enjoy looking back at past classes and seeing how each panned out. Below I list every UGA player from each signing class that at some point in their UGA career was either 1st or 2nd team All-SEC on either the Coaches or AP teams. For example, eight players from 2002 eventually became a 1st or 2nd team All-SEC player even a single instance during their careers. Outside each player’s name, I list that players Rivals rating. Most all of the classes finished in the top 10 team rankings by Rivals. But the eventual success of each class varied wildly. Looking strictly at All-conference doesn’t tell everything. There were some classes that produced a bunch of good starting players who happened to never make All-SEC…guys like Alec Ogletree for instance. Next, I will try to look at Starts as opposed to All-SEC.

    (31 commits) 1- five star player; 18- four star players; as per Rivals;
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team:
    Max jean gilles 4 star
    Dan inman 4
    Demario minter 4
    Leonard pope 4
    Tony Taylor 4
    Martrez milner 3
    Quentin moses 3
    Tim Jennings 2

    (25 commits) 2-five star; 8-four star,
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team
    Nick Jones 3 star
    Fernando Velasco 3
    Odell Thurman 3
    Mikey Henderson 2
    Tra Battle (walk-on)
    Gordon Ely-Kelso (walk-on)

    (20 commits); 1-five star; 10- four star
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team
    Dannell Ellerbe 4 star
    Charles Johnson 4 star
    Brandon Coutu (walk-on)

    (17 commits);10-four star
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team
    Mohamed Massaquoi – 4 star
    Brian Mimbs (walk-on punter)

    (28 commits); 2- five star; 13-four star;
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team
    Geno Atkins 4
    Akeem Dent 4
    Matt Stafford 5
    Knowshon Moreno 4
    Reshad Jones 5

    (23 commits) 12-four star
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team
    Clint Boling 3
    Drew Butler 2
    Rennie Curran 4
    Justin Houston 4

    (24 commits) 2 five star;13-four star;
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team
    Brandon Boykin 4
    Cordy Glenn 4
    A.J. Green 5
    Ben Jones 3
    Bacarri Rambo 3
    Blair Walsh 3

    (20 commits) 1-five star; 14-four star
    All SEC-1st or 2nd Team
    Orson Charles 4
    Aaron Murray 4
    Chris Burnette 4

    Some of the 08-09 class are still playing and can still make All-SEC. Also, I excluded JUCOs and Transfers (studs like Jarvis Jones and John Jenkins).

    The 2004 and 2005 classes did not fare too well. Might explain our decline late in the decade.


  8. Wow, Charlie Weis loves JUCO’s. 16 of his 23 commits are JUCO’s.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    “The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason.”
    Hunter S. Thompson


  10. Scott

    From the AJC tonight:

    If you haven’t heard already, there were multiple reports that surfaced on Tuesday evening that UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham will interview with the New Orleans Saints. Please read the story by the AJC’s Chip Towers right HERE. Yes, this broke on Tuesday night — the eve of signing day. Couldn’t be worse timing, but it has been that type of week for the Bulldogs. Naturally, the reports alarmed UGA defensive end target Davin Bellamy, who will decide between the Bulldogs, Tennessee and Oregon at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Chamblee High School. “This was our biggest fear,” Bellamy’s mother told the AJC on Tuesday night. “We’re going to call Georgia and try to get more information.” Before Tuesday night’s news broke, Bellamy was considered a virtual lock to sign with UGA.
    More tough news for UGA: Almost every national recruiting analyst is now projecting Montravius Adams to sign with Auburn. Adams was UGA’s best chance of signing a 5-star on Wednesday. What’s really wild is that Adams didn’t even decide to visit Auburn last weekend until the day before he left. He considered skipping it to rest. If Adams does go to Auburn, all of the credit must be given to Rodney Garner, the former UGA recruiting coordinator hired away by the Tigers. Garner, who has a close friendship with Adams, also convinced Carl Lawson to stick with his Auburn commitment.