Breaking the Twitter

Geez, we’re obsessed.


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  1. TomReagan

    Much less creepy coming from another athlete.

    Also nice to find out that Isner’s a big wrestling fan.

  2. Carolinadawg

    I like it! I hope it happens, too, as this class is shaping up as a possible whiff on offensive lineman. Not what we need.

  3. Russ

    Isner is a DGD. Saw him at the US Clay Courts in Houston and gave him a “Go Dawgs”. He’s a good ambassador for UGA athletics.

  4. Nate Dawg

    Damn. It’s Ole Miss…what’s goin’ on here?

    • DWH

      Seriously, I understand the other kid being that his brother is already there and all, but this guy? Don’t get it. That Hugh Freese dude most be one hell of a BS artist.

      • Can’t really complain with the Rivals 12th best class, but unfortunately, Rivals has 6 teams in the SEC ahead of us. Plus, we only got 1 of the top 12 players in the state so far, and just 3 of the top 20. The rest of the conference really came in and raided the state. And Ohio State landed two of the top 10. Could have been a phenomenal with all of the talent in Georgia this year.

      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        Tunsil’s high school coach all but stated Ole Miss was engaging in illegal activity to get him to sign. When there’s this much smoke about a school’s recruiting practices, there is always a big fire. I remember on signing day when Albert Means signed with Bama, it was all over the place that he’d been paid for. The Tunsil Talk reminds me of that.

        • Bobby

          Source or link?

          • Brian

            I believe there was a video of the HS coach alleging illicit payments on that was subsequently pulled. OM also gave academic scholarships to Tunsil’s girlfriend and brother. I’m not sure what the NCAA stance on that would be.

            Treadwell posting photos holding stacks of cash doesn’t really help their credibility either.

            The fact that Freeze felt it necessary to tweet an unsolicited response to accusations is pretty suspicious.

    • King Jericho

      He decided to commit to the $ instead.

  5. 202dawg

    John Isner needs to do what’s right and stop going 5 sets!

  6. GT only has 1 commit among the top 50 in Georgia.

  7. Question: I have not been really following recruiting until this week. I know everyone is speculating that the Grantham rumors hurt recruiting, but it appears to me that most of the undecided players for which we are losing the recruiting battles are on the offensive side of the ball. Among players that were seriously considering UGA, I don’t see any specific players that we lost on the defensive side of the ball. Anyone differ?

  8. Uglydawg

    Bellamy’s a DAWG!

  9. Well Bellamy just committed, that’s some good news.

  10. GT has dropped to 88th in latest Rivals Ranking….dead last among all schools in the six major conferences and behind the likes of Texas State, Western Ky, and Central Michigan. But still 3 spots ahead of NAVY.

  11. sniffer

    Hugh Freeze is no novice to the realities of recruiting. He saw (oversaw?) the battle for M Oher and would know how to rally the money from the high school side of it. Not saying he is involved, just that he would know how to work that end.

  12. When is Alvin Kamara supposed to announce?

  13. W Cobb Dawg

    A few minutes after noon, and it looks like Dawgs will have at least 32 commits, with 13 already attending school. I doubt there’s many schools that can match or exceed what we’ve done this year. We’ve re-stocked the roster. Seems to be a lot of good student athletes too. Dawg fans have a lot to be very happy about with this recruiting class.

    I can understand some level of disappointment about missing a couple 5 star targets. The coaches and players who’ve made absolute a-holes of themselves over the past week leave me somewhat relieved they aren’t coming to Athens. So ask yourself – do we really want a DaRick or Isaiah? Other schools may have got the sizzle, but we definitely got the steak.

    • Uglydawg

      Nice perspective, WCD!

    • I do agree that Nkemdiche, Foster and Tunsil appear to be headaches waiting to happen, but a couple others would have been nice to get. Its nice to get a big number of commits for a change.

      • gastr1

        Not sure I would have said that about Tunsil, but the other two, yes. I agree with W Cobb Dawg here…overall it’s a great year even without the publicity hounds.

  14. Some recruit announced live on ESPN today that he was going to UCLA University…

  15. Kamara went to Alabama. It surprises me how bad we did in a 60 mile radius of Athens.

    • BAMA signed four 4 star running backs.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Losing kamara doesn’t bother me too much. He seems pretty small, and CMR’s O has done much better with bigger, stronger RBs who can break tackles inside. Turman seems like a better fit. I held out hope Boo could be convinced to return.

      Looking back, the biggest head-scratcher was turning Kelsey Griffin away. I’m assuming it was grades or some other type of off-field trouble. Seems like it was a position of need for us. I’d hate it if he turned out to be another Tuitt, i.e., a kid in our backyard who turns into a monster.

      Having said all that, I’m still pleased with this year’s recruiting effort and the overall class. 32 is by far CMR’s biggest class ever.

      • Bobby

        My understanding, though, is that he has a pretty special skillset. While he can run the ball well, he also could be spread out, moved to the slot, and any number of things. He’s got skills that enable you to get two runningbacks in the same personnel package who have meaningful roles. As much as we spread the ball out–and as creative as CMB has gotten–he would have been a big contributor immediately.

        Contrast that w/ Bama. Their base set is two-tight, and they run it a lot. Kamara will not have the same impact there as he would at UGA. They have now 8 scholarship backs, all of whom are young and highly talented. The oldest player will be Fowler, and he will likely take a medical hardship from last season and only be a (R)Jr for eligibility purposes; remember that he was ahead of TJ Yeldon before he blew out his knee. ALL of these guys could be around for 2 more seasons (unless Saban does some trimming of the roster). None of that does a lot for Kamara’s pro-prospects.

        How did this happen . . . ? I can only think of one explanation: the allure of 4 championship rings sitting atop Saban’s coffee table.

        Why in the hell are 5 star runningacks content to ride the bench at Bama w/ no prospect of seeing the field? We can’t even get Ken Malcome to stick around. I hope AJ Turman is good b/c he is one injury away from getting a lot of carries in a big game next season. Bama lost 2 runningbacks this past season to knee injuries. I just hope Gurshall continues w/ a relatively injury-free career(s).

  16. Crowder to Clemson. Interestingly, he announced on ESPN and was choosing between UGA and Clemson. He said in the interview that UGA had dropped off in their contact with him.

  17. Anon

    Y’all conference-centric rubes go on thinking that all these SEC BCS championships somehow help UGA.

    • Dante

      Yeah, if Ole Miss wouldn’t have won all of those national titles, we wouldn’t be so bad off…

      • gastr1

        +1. Tunsil is a real head-scratcher to me. I just can’t get going to a school that has been so historically mediocre when there was a chance to compete for a starting spot on a top-ten team. The only thing I can figure is that these kids get so wined and dined that a more-straight-shooter approach–actually the right one to most of us who are older than 25–just seems like a bore to them. Do they think it’s going to be strip clubs and weed every night?

    • Normaltown Mike

      If you don’t understand the regional chauvinism displayed in college football, you should quit watching and take up a new sport.

      MLS maybe?