Big Ten recruiting will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer.

Corch is your asshat now, Big Ten.  Enjoy.


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15 responses to “Big Ten recruiting will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer.

  1. 69Dawg

    The Anti-Dale Carnegie. The B1G has got a Karma asskicking coming.


  2. DawgPhan

    is that legit…when I saw it I assumed that it was a joke.

    love the idea of CUM riding assess and reminded them about how he did it in the SEC.


  3. timphd

    And a genuinely large asshat is he.


  4. Tronan

    Irvin Myers is this guy.


  5. AusDawg85

    Nothing better than sitting around the locker room at the club listening to the new guy tell all the regular, long-time members how great things were at his old club before moving to this town.



    • DawgPhan

      except that the new town is a dump and old town was awesome.


      • mike in orlando

        Meyer is right: Unless his brethren recruit better, the Big Ten will continue to come up way short. Outside of Ohio State and Michigan, the rest of the signing classes in that league are mediocre at best. Thing is, hard to think the other coaches will appreciate Meyer’s insight — which, if you’re a fan of a team in the SEC, Big 12 or Pac-12, should make you quite happy.


  6. TomReagan

    I’m not even sure I understand the tweet. I would assume that he would be happy that his conference doesn’t recruit well, so I wondered if maybe they meant that he was upset about their tactics–but what low down stuff could upset the Corch? Certainly nothing that they do in the Big 10.

    Ultimately, I think he’s just trying to look like a tough guy on the radio. What a dipstick.


  7. I liked Meyer when he was at Florida and I like him now that he’s coaching my alma mater’s auld enemy. The state of coaching/recruiting in the Big Ten outside of Michigan and OSU is generally shit right now. Someone needs to give pointers on how to recruit better.


  8. Reon Dawson. His HS teammate/fellow Michigan signee Mike McCray says that Dawson was misquoted, that Dawson told a reporter that he will always love the State of Ohio (which in and of itself is sacrilege) and the reporter turned that into “I will always love Ohio State.” Who knows if that’s true. Dawson did not have an OSU offer (unlike most of UM’s Ohio recruits), so maybe there is a little unrequited love there.

    Meyer has been good for Michigan in a way. Urban recruits nationally, which means less attention to his home state. Given that Ohio has always been UM’s second recruiting base after its homestate, Hoke has benefited from Meyer’s recruiting focus. If I wanted to be conspiratorial (and I’m not), then Urban teaching other B1G coaches how to land four-star players would be about getting them to compete harder with Michigan for Ohio players.