The NCAA explores the possibility that you can be a little pregnant.

Charlie Pierce, in this piece about recent developments in the O’Bannon case, nails the slippery slope the NCAA is on when it comes to player pay.

First, Mark Emmert, the president of the NCAA, announced new rules for the recruitment of college athletes. One of the new guidelines stipulates that athletes can receive $300 per year beyond their normal expenses to attend non-scholastic events. This is a modified version of the “stipend” that long has been the compromise position between the egregious status quo and a more equitable sharing of revenues between the various universities and the uncompensated labor force that does all the real work. It is also nonsense. Once you let athletes have money simply because they are athletes, no matter how little it is and no matter what you call it, you’re into pay-for-play and that’s the ballgame. Not even the NCAA, which has a gift for obfuscation that rivals Richard Nixon’s on a good day, can argue seriously that paying an athlete $300 is ethical, but that paying him or her $500 or $1,000 — or $10,000, for all that — is not.

Well, “seriously” is one of those words we can all endlessly debate, but I do think the NCAA firmly believes there’s a logic to what it’s doing, even if we outsiders can’t figure out what that is.  The problem is that I also think that Emmert and his constituents are about as smart as baseball owners were confronting the possibility that the infamous reserve clause would inevitably crumble, an analogy that Pierce cites in his article.  And it’s likely to work out about as well for them.


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  1. fatman48

    I think that Mark Emmert just makes this stuff up as he goes, or he is trying to one-up the OBC who belives that the players should be paid to play, this is suppose to be amature athletics, hence NCAA. Mark Emmert is running a motel for morons called the NCAA. I’m just sayin. “GO DAWGS”


  2. Russ

    It all depends on what the definition of the word “is” is.


  3. Pay Me

    I don’t know how you quantify the value of players in college sports. More than any other sport out there, we root for the laundry. The system isn’t close to fair – but I have no idea how you work in that direction.

    It would be nice to see the NCAA fix this, rather than letting the courts fix it for them.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “If it loses the lawsuit, the effect on the NCAA’s financial structure would be profound.”

    Rumors from Area 51 are that the 96 percenters* are already working on Plan B



  5. Brownesman

    Senator, I’m a long time reader and just happened to ponder the name Get the Picture. Can’t figure out where you got it from? Thought of the game show and the phrase but none make sense so I figured I’d ask. So???


  6. Eric Johnson

    It’s sad I didn’t know that one. And to rub it in, I’m 32.