Under the radar

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m surprised that one aspect of South Carolina’s recruiting class has gotten little attention:  out of 21 total signees, only four are from South Carolina.  It’s not a bad class by any means, but it lacks that overpowering in state recruit that Spurrier has gotten his hands in two of the last few classes, much to the benefit of the program.  It makes me wonder if this says anything significant about the local talent pool or if perhaps we’re seeing the first signs of kids reacting to the prospect of the head man’s coaching mortality.

It’s too early to say anything definitive, of course, but it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if this develops into a trend.


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  1. Uglydawg

    If I had to guess, I would suspect the first reason. How many kids did other schools glean from the state of SC? That will tell the tale.
    Another comment I’d like to take (off of this subject, my apologies) is concerning CTG’s “Quote of the Day” comment). It didn’t seem to make a real strong statement about his desire to stay in Athens. It almost looks like a troll for offers. I’m kind of glad he didn’t come out with this before now, because I think it’s pretty weak. If I were CMR, I’d be making my list…because this guy seems to be looking for an offer. BTW…I think he’s a good DC and he’s inspired the team…I hope TG is at Georgia for a long time, but “Have you got leaving on your mind” is playing in my head.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Was there such a recruit in the pool this year?

  3. If missing out on in-state talent is the sign that a coach is reaching the end of the line, then what do we conclude about UGA striking out on nine of the top ten players in Georgia?

    • DawgFaithful

      5 of the top 10 recruits in the Nation were from GA this year and we didn’t get 1. No excuse for that but we still had a great class. It’s a huge class so there’s no way some of these kids won’t pan out. We usually do sign 4-6 of the top 10 players in the state. We regularly get te #1 player in the state. Just not this year. They definitely dropped the ball a little bit. Why did we sign 10-12 LB’s and only 1 RB? If Gurley get’s hurt…. We’re screwed!

    • Michael, those were offered as two separate explanations as to the make up of SC’s class. Is it a case of the in state talent pool being significantly weaker this year, or are kids starting to wonder how long Spurrier’s got in Columbia?

      As for your Georgia comparison, Richt still wound up with 21 in state kids out of a class total of 32. My math ain’t the greatest, but that’s better than 4 out of 21.

      • You offered two explanations for South Carolina. One obviously doesn’t apply to Georgia, as this was an outstanding year for in-state talent. That leaves only the other explanation, unless there are more possibilities than the two you listed.

        Yes, Richt signed a lot of in-state players. They just weren’t the five/ high-four types that were the backbone of the team this past year. If you’re going to make snide remarks about a coach who has won three straight against Georgia despite coaching at a program that is a historical afterthought (and whose incoming class has almost the same average star rating as Georgia’s), then you might consider how the reasoning behind that remark applies to your own program.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Where was the “snide” part of the Senator’s remarks? This was probably the least snarky post on Spurrier I’ve ever read on this site.

        • Wait a minute. What snide remarks about a coach? It’s a fact that SC signed only four in state kids. I’m simply asking why the number was so low. If it’s a down year in the talent pool, how does that reflect upon Spurrier? And if Spurrier’s age is becoming an issue – again, a question not an assertion on my part – I would assume that’s a product of negative recruiting rather than something Spurrier’s done. Bottom line I thought 4 out of 21 was an amazingly low percentage for an SEC school that’s not Vanderbilt. If it’s not, then I would agree my post was a waste of bandwidth.

          By the way, Richt signed 20 four-star kids this year.

        • AusDawg85

          Wait…”Mike” the gator fan claims football began in 1990. He has all the selective stats to prove it.

          Now “Michael” (??) the USCe fan claims the beginning was 2010.

          Coincidence? I think not….

  4. Go Dawgs!

    I think one of the biggest reasons South Carolina was so worthless for so long is that the state of South Carolina doesn’t produce enough in-state talent to feed two programs and Clemson was getting the good ones. Some years you’re going to have to go out of state to get your players. Spurrier’s teams certainly haven’t shown much sign of slowing down, nor has he. I think if you’re a big star in the state of South Carolina, you’re still pretty interested in the Gamecocks.

  5. DawgFaithful

    I think it’s just a lack of top recruits in the state of South Carolina this year. Tramel Terry was the best player in the state and we got him. They’ll never have the talent like we do in GA but there’s usually a little more talent to pick from. I don’t think it has anything to do with Spurrier. I think SC is probably more attractive to a recruit than it ever has been. They’re always going to have to make their living recruiting in GA and FL

    • “They’ll never have the talent like we do in GA but there’s usually a little more talent to pick from.”
      Totally agree with this. And also agree that we’re going to have to go out-of-state from time to time. Keeping the good players home is important, but there are years like this from time to time in SC. Both USC and Clemson have gotten better at recruiting out-of-state.

  6. There was a huge lack of talent in-state this year. It was the worst crop of SC talent in many years. Clemson, too, only had four or five SC guys in their class. We got most of the ones we wanted. Terry went to UGA, as you know, Michael Hill went to Ohio St., and Mike Williams went to Clemson. Each of those were disappointing to us, but other than that, we got all the SC guys we offered.

    If anything, I thought this class showed that USC’s brand has improved sufficiently so that we could weather a horrible year of in-state talent and still have a decent class. It wasn’t a great class by any means, but we got several excellent players at positions of need by going out of state and selling our program to kids who didn’t grow up knowing anything about the Gamecocks. Next year’s SC crop is going to be better, and we’re in good shape with most of the prospects we want.

    Of course, next year we have scholarship reductions and a small senior class. I’m kind of shuddering to think of how many kids we’re going to kick off the team to make room for the prep talent we want.

  7. Will Trane

    Best thing about signing day is it is over. Now all those high school coaches have to get set to deal with the attitudes of sophomores and juniors who all think they are 5 or 4 stars. But I know a kid who was deemed a 10 star in grade school. Yep, he turned out ok for FSU, played for CMR, and won the Heisman. Never played pro ball. So what in hell does it all mean. Much for a recruit and his family. Much more for all the bloggers. They are all asleep now because they have been up for hours the past week ranking and lamenting who did not get signed.
    Amazed how all the guru’s, like the rest of the north georgia elites, did not see Ole Miss coming. Go back and watch some of their early games. Not alot of talent and depth, but a good coaching staff. They played well. But somebody in the west is going to get hit hard now over how good their coaching is going to be. Will it be A&M, LSU, Bama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Arkansas, MSU…some good coaches, but all have a full barn of alleged “beasts and studs”. Drop a couple of games now…not be in the conference chase…well, drop your trousers coach, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, but enjoy your buyout. Why? Had all the 5 & 4 stars, but you could not coach them. Yep the West is going to get ugly in a hurry. And all those guys who went out of state…well, your may regret your decision in a year or two. How many of those 5 & 4 stars are gone after their junior year.
    But take heart…look down the rosters in high school…ask Crowell…yep that recruiting door is always revolving…and some kid is going to boot your little over-rated star into the next galaxy.

    • Yeah, I’m surprised at all the shock and awe over Ole Miss. Maybe there are shenanigans going on, but Ole Miss has a lot to offer. Good, young coaching staff, exciting brand of football, beautiful campus, smoking hot co-eds, low academic threshold. What’s not to like if you’re a young football player?

      • DawgPhan

        The racist fan base might be a turn off to some players.

        • Well, I seriously doubt their fan base has any more racist rednecks than UGA, USC, etc. However, I have always thought their identification as the Rebels and with the Confederate Flag hurt them with prospects, but they’re now distancing themselves from some of that.

          • DawgPhan

            attempting to distance themselves from some of that despite the constant out cries from their fan base.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                The bigger problem in my view for these 5 star kids that signed at Ole Mess is that the Rebel Black Bears have only had one 10 win season since 1971 and that came in the senior season of a QB who after turning pro has won 2 Super Bowls (unlikely to get a QB like that again). Through how many coaching changes? 9? 10? Think about that. They won’t be going to any SECCGs. They sure as hell won’t be playing in any 4 team playoffs for the MNC. They’ll be lucky to to be playing in the Pinstripe Bowl–if they have a winning season at all. If those guys think that they are going to change things in Oxford they are smoking something really strange. They just ruined their college athletic careers and possibly screwed up their NFL chances and for what? Probably a lousy few thousand dollars or so apiece. Stupid. Absolutely stupid.

                • For the time being, I somewhat share your skepticism, but I wouldn’t be so sure. If Freeze signs another couple of classes like this one, why can’t they win? The reason they haven’t been able to so far is because they haven’t had these kinds of classes in the past. Five years ago, did you think South Carolina would be sporting back-to-back top 10 finishes right now?

      • NC Dawg

        Well, There is the Confederate Battle Flag ….

        • Forrest Gump

          Looking at the 24/7 list of SC top players…looked like only 15-20 BCS level players in the State…

          #15 to Toledo
          #16 to Wingate
          #17 to ECU
          #19 to Charlotte
          #22 to Marshall
          #23 to UConn

          The 1st Ga kids to sign non BCS were…
          #51 to UCF
          #57 to Kent St. &
          #69 to MTSU

          • This sums it up. USC and Clemson split 10 guys or so, a couple such as Terry went out of state, and after that, we start getting to guys who weren’t BCS material. It was a major down year.

  8. Just curious, why would you think Spurrier is leaving? He’s late 60s, sure, but no significant health issues have been reported, and Bobby Bowden won a national title at 70. I’d think he has a good 5, if not 10 years left throwing the visor.

    • No particular reason, just based on general comments and responses from him I’ve seen over the past three or four years. Again, I see this as more a negative recruiting issue than something the OBC has brought on himself.

      • Spurrier used to always say he wouldn’t coach past 60 or 65 or something like that. At this point, I think he coaches at least until he gets 100 wins at USC, and maybe longer if he still hasn’t won a championship but thinks one is imminent.
        Just a little tidbit for you guys regarding Spurrier and negative recruiting. Some USC recruits, in interviews, said that one of the things they liked most about USC was one of the few schools they talked to that doesn’t negative recruit.

        • I’ve had some tell me that privately SOS has told folks he’d reevaluate his tenure after Lattimore and Clowney were gone, too.

          I think you’re right, though, in that he’ll try to stick around as long as he believes there’s a good chance he can do things to enhance his legacy.

          • Anything is possible, really. I’ve said for the last few years that I don’t think he’ll retire soon, but it be surprising if he suddenly did. He’s emphasized throughout his career that he’s not a lifer and that he wants to hit the links in his old age. For the time being, he’s got good teams and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He’s got a plum schedule next year, too. But if we fell off from contention, he might choose not to undertake the rebuilding project. And if he did win the SEC, he would probably retire on the spot. There are things that he’s said that suggest he really wants to go out on his own terms, i.e., as a champion. Time will tell.

            • He may just be waiting out the current Chairman, in hopes the next guy will be more agreeable to the Ball Coach getting a green jacket. But as I said above, he’s got a good thing going in Columbia, and no health problems. Considering how much he’s loved, it’s a low stress environment compared to his last two jobs. I guess like you, if he hung it up after this year, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I’d be less surprised if he’s still on the sidelines when 2017, 2018, 2020 rolls around too.

  9. One more comment here–Spurrier told four-star QB signee Connor Mitch that if Mitch signed with USC (which he did), it would extend Spurrier’s career and that Spurrier would coach through Mitch’s five years. Take that for what it’s worth. Coaches say things like that all the time, but I’m not under the impression that Spurrier is as given to BS’ing on these kinds of things as other coaches.