Can we move on now?

At least we can get back to bitching about whether the defense will underperform again this season.  Good times.


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18 responses to “Can we move on now?

  1. Debby Balcer

    Glad that is over.


  2. Cosmic Dawg

    That whole mess was stinkbugs. I am ambiv ambivo ambivala…I don’t have strong feelings about CTG either way anymore.


  3. 69Dawg

    Hopefully he will get some bigger ILB to plug the middle. Depth has killed us the last 2 years.


  4. JasonC

    Wish it would have come 2 weeks before NSD


  5. Keese

    Chip Tower is still pitching a lil hissy fit


  6. Bad news, it’s not over, CTG will do this again, when the next NFL job comes available, we don’t need this distraction every year at recruiting time, CTG needs to go now! So UGA can move forward with recruiting, the 2014 defensive recruits are going to ask the same question, that CTG lied to the 2013 recruits! He needs to go!


  7. Timphd

    Seems some people can’t be happy. I mean you JRW7. Some bitch that “no one respects our coordinators enough to hire them away” then we want to fire a guy for getting NFL interest. Seriously? What do you want? A coordinator that can’t get an offer from the big boys? For me, I will live with a little anxiety to avoid another “third and Willie”. By the way, Bobo will be next to get an offer to move on. He has earned it and I won’t begrudge it at all.


  8. IndyDawg

    It’s the AJC click-o-meter boys who haz a sad. They lost their biggest fake drama gossip machine. But rest assured they’ll find another self-manufactured worry bead for UGA.