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“I’m not saying Georgia’s program is headed for the toilet just yet.”

Take a Gator fan who’s still smarting over this year’s Cocktail Party results (“And if Florida turns it over three times or less, it wins that game.”) and is trying to sound far more in the know about Georgia’s recruiting than he actually is and the results are epic.

I guess this is what you console yourself with in the offseason when your head coach is 0-2 against your most hated rival.



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Adjust the medication.

Fun thing about the last month or so – I’ve finally come to grips with which part of our fan base irritates me.  It’s not the pessimists or the optimists.  It’s the neurotics, as Tyler Dawgden explains.

For five years we heard bitching about having coordinators that no one else wanted. Now we have (at least) one that other people want and folks are ready to fire him. Or at least find reason to point out that he isn’t all that interesting to keep around. I’m beginning to think we, as a fan base, would rather just go 0-12 so we’d have plenty to bitch about.

At least the people who thought Garner needed to go because he wasn’t bringing anything to the table have had the good sense to shut up in the wake of Auburn’s signing day success.  Some of you need to take a hint from that.


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The AJ-C is just trying to help, fellas.

Jeff Schultz puts the cherry on top of the sundae that is the AJ-C‘s coverage of l’affair Grantham with this helpful observation:

But at the very least, Richt and athletic director Greg McGarity need to tell Grantham to be a little more low key about matters, and there can’t be repeat of Wednesday’s embarrassment in signing day.  After Richt’s press conference, with some of the signees in an auditorium, several media members made their way to the back of the room to talk to Grantham. This has the potential to become a major distraction over the next year and Richt must be wondering how he is going to deal with it.

If I didn’t know better, it sounds like Schultz is suggesting that Grantham be made off limits to the press.  That might make Chip Towers‘ head explode.  (Of course, poor ol’ Chip could just spend the next year speculating about potential replacements.  Or chatting up recruits and signees.  Anything to inform his readership.)

The truly sad thing about all of this is that there aren’t really any secrets here. Grantham’s contract is a reflection of his ambitions, which, by the way, do him no discredit.  And he has to tell McGarity about any job interviews first, which means we’ll all find out when that line gets crossed.  The rest of this is a ginned up nothingburger from some folks who evidently don’t have much else to write about.


UPDATE:  Seth Emerson’s take on Grantham’s Wednesday with the media is different from Schultz’.

Grantham handled the media well on Wednesday, standing in the team meeting room and taking all questions, and never at any point demanding a change in subject. He was coy, and his smile seemed to say: “You know what’s going on, and I know that you know what’s going on. This is a dance we must do, and I have no problem with it.”


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