Adjust the medication.

Fun thing about the last month or so – I’ve finally come to grips with which part of our fan base irritates me.  It’s not the pessimists or the optimists.  It’s the neurotics, as Tyler Dawgden explains.

For five years we heard bitching about having coordinators that no one else wanted. Now we have (at least) one that other people want and folks are ready to fire him. Or at least find reason to point out that he isn’t all that interesting to keep around. I’m beginning to think we, as a fan base, would rather just go 0-12 so we’d have plenty to bitch about.

At least the people who thought Garner needed to go because he wasn’t bringing anything to the table have had the good sense to shut up in the wake of Auburn’s signing day success.  Some of you need to take a hint from that.



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  1. Bubs

    Welcome to the internet.


  2. Dboy

    One of your best posts Senator. Dead on IMO


  3. Cojones

    Forgive me, Senator, but Rodney wasn’t really recruiting much for us this year. Recruits even have stated as much. His recruiting mind was at Auburn for his last two months at UGA. We didn’t need that kind of baggage and good riddance. Yep, he was more than helpful in recruiting for years , but he was gone long before we even heard the rumor that he was leaving. His team and player coaching skills have been lacking. Putting him in the same category of fan revulsion speared at Richt and Bobo is an incongruous mismatch. And if he is the hotshot reason why two fine players signed with Auburn, why didn’t he get Foster and other decommits to change their minds?

    You can brew fine wine, but if you don’t adjust over the years, it can turn to vinegar. The Rodney you may think we should now be beholden to hasn’t been around for over a year. He left us voluntarily; he wasn’t fired. I thought he got deserved accolades aplenty during his recruiting closings and then got our “Thanks and Adios” accolades.

    No friggin’ regrets.

    (Can’t believe that I just posted for the uninformed and roughshod fans/trolls who seriously almost hung the two best coaches that have been on our staff for years.)


    • Silver Creek Dawg


      I expected RG to hump his butt recruiting for Auburn harder than he ever did for UGA.

      It’s home for him (his alma mater). I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think a man would do a better job selling the place where he spent his formative years better than a place where he just got paid to do it.


  4. 69Dawg

    This is the reason I suggested to Rivals that they rename the Dawg Chat to the Dawg Bitch the other day.


  5. Drew


    It’s the new UGA’s ‘weak schedule’ meme…


  6. Brad Kessler

    I think Cojones is hitting on something there, Garner didn’t quite use his all when recruiting this year and one could make the argument that he knew the change was eminent so could have told recruits about his plans and pulled a quick one. I do agree there is a part of the fan base that doesn’t quite realize the needs we filled secondary wise. The O-line needed a few more as well as a solid backup for “Gurshall” but next years senior class is full of both.


  7. ChilliDswg

    Hey… Is Trooper Taylor still available???


  8. Shooter McGavin

    I think Garner going to Auburn will be a positive for both teams. In all likelihood, he will be rejuvenated and inspired over the next few years due to being home. We need to establish a recruiting identity and get relentless and creative or we will get continually outworked and out recruited by the teams surrounding us that are hungry and on the way up, on the way back up or already occupying the top echelon.


  9. Cojones

    Until a couple of years ago Richt recruited every class early and signing day was anticlimatic. This year was no different. Our expectations were built up by unknowing self-proclaimed “in-the-know” bloggers predicting for show. A valuable lesson should have been learned by all fans. Tell the idiot gurus to take a hike with the AJC crew starting now. They ruin proper celebrations by recruits and fans who follow them by using tools of ignorance unless you just ignore them in the last several recruiting weeks.


    • Puffdawg

      “Ruin proper celebrations…”

      This is spot on to me. It’s all perception. Years ago, before Scout and Rivals, we’d have been happy to have signed 30 kids, especially given our coaches’ proven ability to bring in talented kids. No we’re supposed to be fretting because we “only” got the 150 ranked kid instead of the 30th ranked kid? It’s actually quite stupid when you think about it. I get that stars on the whole matter, but worrying about getting a kid because he’s ranked such and such by rivals is stupid. Generally speaking, we got a bunch of 4 star type kids. A bunch. Just as many or even more than some of our competition. We should be celebrating.


  10. I always thought that Garner’s heart is somewhere else throughout these his years at Athens.