Nice shark ‘ya jumped there, ESPN.

For some reason (okay, I know, I know) Chris Low tells us that Mark Schlabach has updated his top 25 for 2013 post-signing day.  Which led me to wonder ever so briefly whether Schlabach would jump Ole Miss into the top 25 based on its signing day for the ages.  I barely got the mental snort and “no way these guys would pander that much” out of the way when I got to this observation from Low:

Still no mention of Ole Miss and its top-5 signing class in Schlabach’s new Top 25.

Sometimes you can just tell when it’s going to be an exceptionally long offseason.



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6 responses to “Nice shark ‘ya jumped there, ESPN.

  1. Cojones

    What does Schlabach know that we just imagine?


  2. By Georgia We Did It

    By August that shark will be twice the size of JAWS and I’m not talking about Ron Jaworski. Far be it from ESPN not to beat a dying horse.


  3. Dante

    I’d like to say ESPN jumped the shark with the Herbstreit Doctrine, but really I kept reading ESPN and listening to ESPN Radio regularly until they let Craig James repeatedly abuse his position as a member of the media to wage a personal vendetta against Mike Leach. After that, I decided ESPN could go to hell, hell, hell, and started getting my sports news from CNNSI and abandoning sports radio altogether (which is pretty easy with the pathetic sports radio options I have in the DFW area). I still watch ESPN games but not through the… regular channels.


  4. Uglydawg

    Just out of curiostiy, I did an internet search on “hotty toddy”…If you want some entertaining reading, check out the first few definitions here……warning though..a little bit of adult content is involved.