Nothing is more important to the NCAA than the NCAA.

Maybe you didn’t know this, but the NCAA doesn’t allow people with a nonviolent felony conviction to coach at NCAA-certified basketball tournaments.  That’s a recent change from its previous position which only barred those who had a violent felony conviction from coaching at those.  You get some bullshit about how the move was made to protect kids, but dial up the video at this link to the 4:55 mark and listen to the NCAA hack explain what’s really behind the decision.

Here’s to another lawsuit I hope those pompous toads lose.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    @4:55 Does NCAA Executive Rachel Newman Baker, NCAA Managing Director of Development with Shared Oversight of Investigations, operating out of It’s Always Sunny in Indianapolis, use the same spray tan as Boehner and what did she do with Julie Roe Lach?

    Coach Abraham should move to Florida where could get away with just about anything except voting


    • Cojones

      Under your new Tea Party Gov Scott the rules changes are for the patient voter (in line for over 7-8 hrs) and the nonfelon culture. Of course with his rules changes(one that reduced the prevoting time from 14 days to 2), felons are eligible to vote after 5 yrs beyond their sentence, after applying to a 3-person board and after going before that board (chaired by the gov) to make your plea. You silly twit, what’s not to like about the creative manner in which voters are disenfranchised in your state? Once you get the “F” stamped on your forehead in Fl, everyone knows it indicates that you are fucked.

      Since this coach is white-skinned he gets a better deal than others. Just ask Rubio, the next great Stupid Party candidate. He is being lauded by his party for voting against the new anti-automatic weapons legislature now before Congress. The coach could pick up one on the way to his Super-parole BD meeting that he would have waited for over 5 yrs in order to request to vote again. At least his name isn’t “Chad”.


      • Hackerdog

        I’m so tired of conservative politicians pandering to the non-felons. It’s no wonder why the left has pretty much locked up the felon vote. If these guys are going to get back to winning elections, they’ve got to steal a few ideas from the left-wing playbook.

        I’m also tired of the right-wingers refusal to keep banning guns. Of course, automatic weapons have been heavily regulated since 1934. And no new proposals dealing with automatic weapons have been proposed today. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some scary things to outlaw. Like pistol grips. Everybody knows that a pistol grip on a rifle makes the bullet travel faster (somehow). It’s just a more deadly weapon with a pistol grip on it. Also, folding stocks. Folding stocks kill about a billion children a year. Or something. Get rid of them.


      • Dog in Fla

        Hot TV cameras made oppressed minority 2016 Republican Presidential candidate even more dehydrated than Nick made Irwin Meyers.

        In his Top Secret cleared for crypto post-rebuttal campaign address debriefing, Marco told analysts that he felt like he was in the middle of a Keynesian Desert, which he thinks is somewhere in the vicinity of the sub base (not SWFLANT King’s Bay but the one in Syria) and is going to have his handlers check with geographic rivals experts Bob Davies and Mitt Romney just to make sure that recon opportunity is nowhere near Poland or DeFuniak Springs


  2. indemnitor

    For an NCAA “EXECUTIVE” & “MANAGING DIRECTOR ” she sure has a small cube.
    Does Emmert’s office take up the whole floor ?