You got to spend money to make championships.

To what should be nobody’s surprise, Michael Adams thinks Georgia spends enough money on its football program, thank you very much.

Adams is comfortable with what UGA has done to provide the football program with the financial means to success. He made the point when asked about the renewed confidence in the direction of the team.

“Winning helps everything,” he said, with a laugh. “I think there’s confidence in the building blocks that are in place here. Look at the facilities, look at the practice fields, look at the stadium additions, look at what we’ve done to be competitive with assistant coaches. (We) may not be the top in every little category, but across the board I’m not sure anybody provides any more total support than we do. … One of the things I’m proud about is you build great programs brick-by-brick and stone-by-stone over a period of time.”

Of course, it would be helpful if everyone else running a football program saw things the same way.

The subject of regulating the staff size of football programs – in other words, the amount of off-field, quality-control type coaches – has been a hot one recently. Adams said he proposed limiting the non-coaching staff positions “in certain sports,” but it was voted down.

“I haven’t changed my view,” Adams said. “It’s all about balance. You don’t control this. But you manage it. You can’t control it all, but you can manage it, and we’ll see where some of it goes.

The problem is that Nick Saban doesn’t have time for Adams’ shit.  He sees the NCAA’s liberalization of the recruiting rules and is off to the races.  You can almost sense the glee in Tuscaloosa over Steele’s hire (if Saban lets anybody show that).  As Scarbinsky lays it out,

Steele was known as one of the best in the business in that area while he was coaching. He was one of the first assistants Saban hired at Alabama in 2007, and he was a big part of building and running Saban’s recruiting machine.

That machine got up and running so quickly and effectively that, at the end of its first full year of operation, it landed the 2008 class that, with its full body of work complete, has to be judged one of the best in modern history.

Imagine how well Steele will be able to keep the talent flowing into Tuscaloosa now that he doesn’t have to worry about actual coaching.

This is the door the NCAA opened in January when the Division I board of directors, as part of a sweeping package of reforms, eliminated the rules defining recruiting coordination functions that must be performed only by a head or assistant coach.

In theory, programs will be allowed to hire an entire staff, beyond the coaching staff, to do nothing but recruit on campus, to send out the unlimited number of calls, texts, mailings, etc., to prospects that the new rules also will allow. On-field coaches will remain the only off-campus recruiters.

He goes on to note that “(i)n practice, not many programs beyond Alabama will be able to hire someone the caliber of Steele to direct those efforts.”  True, but don’t forget about the programs that could afford to hire someone like Steele, but choose not to do so because they are run by folks who think they’ve already authorized enough spending.

And remember that the next time you want to bitch about Saban coming into Georgia and signing away a couple of high-profile recruits from Richt.


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35 responses to “You got to spend money to make championships.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    The last 2 paragraphs nailed it. The mind set is different when it comes to football from the administration to the coaches. Alabama runs like a pro operation from the top down


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. THIS is exactly what I was talking about in my post the other day when I said that Bama is totally committed to winning and UGA isn’t.


  2. I would rather spend $500k on a recruiting coordinator than a big capital outlay on an indoor practice facility.


  3. Connor

    Isn’t some of the resource disparity on Richt though? Either he’s not asking for these things or he has in private but has been rebuffed. If that’s the case, one public word from him that the administration wasn’t giving him what he needed would probably be enough to get it done. Maybe Adams’ opinion is just a product of Richt telling him they don’t need to spend more than they are.
    I don’t want to give Adams a pass, but Richt is in charge of the football program.


  4. ParsonsCreekDawg

    I believe we’ve also begun to move in this direction haven’t we? The hirings of Daryl Jones and Ben Brandenburg were the first steps (or perhaps the second steps depending upon the amount assistance Eason and Van Halanger potentially provide in recruiting matters). I understand the main point here is that Saban was able to hire Steele, someone with considerable coaching experience, in a role that focuses entirely on recruiting and it will probably only be a matter of time before we make additional hires for the recruiting staff but I believe finding active coaches of that caliber that are willing to make this type of role change won’t be easy.


    • The day Georgia is willing to pay somebody in the neighborhood of $250-500K per year to recruit on campus will mark a sea change in administration. Not that the school couldn’t afford to do so.

      Don’t forget there is still only one assistant working with a multi-year contract right now.


      • ParsonsCreekDawg

        I hear we could hire John L. Smith for a song! (just kidding)


      • pantslesspatdye

        How much do you think Steele would go for? You know, the other Steele. Phil Steele.


      • Dawg in Memphis

        Although I agree that UGA is not attacking the new recruiting rules as aggressively as Alabama, UGA’s actions suggest that its being much more agressive than we have previously admitted. UGA announced the hiring of Daryl Jones in May of 2012; Rodney Garner leaves UGA on December 20; Richt gives a press conference on January 10 and says there has been no decision to name a recruiting coordinator and lauds the abilities of Daryl Jones; and on January 19, the NCAA changes the rule regarding recruiting coordinators. In my opinion, Greg McGarity saw these changes coming and has been positioning UGA to take advantage of them for a while. Daryl Jones may not be the same caliber of coach as Steele, but there’s little argument that anyone knows more about modern recruiting given his experience witht he UA allstar games, 7 on 7 experience, and high school perspective.


        • If you’ll look carefully at one of the links, you’ll notice that Saban hired a Jones equivalent in addition to Steele.


          • Dawg in Memphis

            I had not noticed that; thank you for pointing it out. As I indicated in my introduction above, Alabama has bought the Ferrari to our Camaro and I understand that is the overarching point of your post. However, we are less than a month into the new rules and have already made efforts to adapt. Hopefully, Jere Morehead is willing to give McGarity the green light to hire a Steele equivalent, if Jones is not enough.


            • dawgfan17

              As well they also have about 6 or 7 “consultants” on staff that are there for whatever Saban needs. Breaking down opponents weeks before they will face them so the coaching staff has a huge head start. They will also be involved in recruiting as well. While Jones is a step in the right direction Bama is so far ahead in that aspect (than ANYONE not just UGA) that it is crazy and the NCAA just said go for it. As was stated earlier it is not Richt that is the problem in competing against this. It is a total mindset of the entire school/fan base/boosters.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Institutional Will Championship
    Pre-season SEC Standings

    1: Bama

    (This denotes a large space)

    2: Auburn (mainly because of the above)
    3: Florida
    4: South Carolina
    5: Ole Miss


    • AusDawg85

      You missed TAMU. There is a LOT of new money flowing into that program.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Arkansas and LSU also spend more on the big three sports than Georgia.

        Once Texas A&M gains state approval on its proposal, it will jump us as well.

        Nationally, only Michigan and Texas pull more money out its athletic program for other purposes than Georgia.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’d put Ole Miss ahead of South Carolina and maybe ahead of Florida and possibly Auburn, too. We just don’t know enough details yet.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        S’my damn list….do yer own 🙂

        Yes TAMU should be there, though, ooooooops.

        Auburn tries harder to be Bama than anybody…with some noted successes, and some dismal failures.


  6. Gravidy

    Sooo… Mr. Adams thinks the university spends enough on the football program, huh? It seems he’s a fan of the definition of “spend” that gets used in Washington DC. Last I checked, the football program operated at a huge profit. The profit is large enough to support all the other money-losing sports and STILL allow the athletic department AS A WHOLE to operate at a huge profit AND make annual donations to university at large to boot!

    So, no, Mr. Adams, you and the university don’t spend a fucking dime on the football program, but it does spend a lot of it’s money on you.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    For many, it comes down to whether they want better doctors and engineers or another win on the football field.

    It does say “Georgia Educational Enhancement Fund” on the payments most of us make.


    • Scott W.

      Just because it’s not being spent on football doesn’t mean it’s being spent on education.


      • KingCantona

        That’s right. I wonder how many appliances Adams has in his plush office that were appropriated from athletic earnings? The guy is a class-A political douche that wants to say all the right things and APPEAR to be all things to all people/entities. He wanted the money that football produces but didn’t want to invest it back into the program. He also bet that we would continue to be competitive enough to continue to earn big. I’m using all this in past-tense because he will be so gone in a few months. I’m excited to see what Jere Moorehead has planned. I know several people who know/knew the man and are optimistic about what he can bring the school (my alma mater) on many levels.


  8. TomReagan

    Wonder if any teams will consider bringing an ace scout like Gil Brandt on board? I’ve always felt that the player evaluation side of recruiting gets far less attention than the program selling side, and that’s something we could take advantage of.

    If we aren’t willing to sink in the same resources as Alabama, we should at least try to make sure that we are spending those resources on the right players.


    • AlphaDawg

      I agree totally. But why not a big name like Hines Ward as Assistant On Campus Recruiter? Pay him x to show up a dozen times a year to flash his Rings and his smile while promoting UGA football.


      • Cojones

        You bet, but I also like the professional scout who will recognize the best players in their soph HS year. We do pretty well at that already, but the trick is to get the higher rated players to have you as a favorite before they are rated publically. Hines would certainly help with the “Rah-Rah” stuff to get their attention, but a good player scout is worth more than his weight in salt.