For love of the game

I am sick to death of the Run, Jadeveon! story, but I can appreciate a well-played bit of snark as much as anyone.

“They don’t know how important it is for Jadeveon to be with his college team,” said Spurrier, who earns $3.3 million a year. [Emphasis added.] “You know there’s more to life than how can you make a whole bunch of money.”

Well, maybe for some people.  The ones the OBC needs.



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12 responses to “For love of the game

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Clowney is clearly ready for the NFL now. The fact that he has to wait another year, and be subjected to the risk that entails, demonstrates once again that NCAA rules on this subject are in restraint of trade.


  2. Herschel Blogger

    I know Clowney’s a beast, and the decapitation of the Michigan player was a huge highlight, but it feels as if all of this talk has transcended J.C. to god-like status. I don’t remember him having quite this much hype during the season. It’s not as if he’s the greatest player the game has ever seen, yet this is the first time this argument has come to the spotlight like this.

    Ugh, it’s already a looonnnggg off-season.


    • Dboy


      please remember that Clowney could not be stopped in our game with SC this year. If you had to pick a player that led to the only (and emphatically embarrasing) loss UGA had during the regular season this season Clowney would be the guy. He was as close to unstoppable as it gets and Murray was completely unnerved by the threat of Clowney hitting him from the blindside. From there (with a little help from an outstanding all around SC defensive effort), the UGA offense imploded.

      And, as I recall, he forced the game winning fumble from A Murray 2 years ago when he was a freshman. Skill wise and physically, Clowney is ready for the NFL. If healthy, he will instantly be one of the top 5 DEs in the NFL now or in 1 year (provided he stays healthy).

      I have the opinion that the true savants (i.e. all american 1st team) players should have the option of going to the NFL. Why does Marcus Lattimore or J Clowney need to stay in school if they are the top college player at their position? Especially in football, where serious injury is so common.


  3. Dog in Fla

    OBC, who suspects Ron Morris now moonlights for AP, sends scout team to rendition Ron to worst room in The Hotel Whitney


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m not sure if Spurrier is worth defending here, but the profession of big time football coaches is among the most skillful there is, at saying ridiculous things without irony.How else can you get guys to run through walls?

    And Stevie has mellowed a little, but I still think he’d work free to coach against Georgia.