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“So, I know in your little fantasy football world…”

What’s the over/under on how many of these kids will still be in Tuscaloosa three years from now?


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You got to spend money to make championships, pt. 3.

I guess Greg McGarity figures if he mocks the problem, it’ll go away.

Claude Felton is one of the most respected men in the industry, that industry being sports information. The Feltons of the world are the unseen guys on college campuses who assist the media with copious, valuable and inside information. They are underpaid and underappreciated. Guys like Claude might as well have their hands in the back working cartoon puppets like Dick Vitale.

Sorry Dickie V, you — we — would be nothing without them.

The senior associate athletic director for sports communications at Georgia, Felton, 64, has seen it all — Herschel, Final Fours, 37 Georgia national championships. He has worked 17 NCAA national championship events and the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Claude Felton is one of those hard-working, unassuming media liaisons who may be adding a new, influential — and startling — job description.

“Did you know,” Georgia AD Greg McGarity told a visitor recently, “Claude can now recruit?”

Tee hee!  You know who finds that story even funnier?  Nick Saban.



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Always. Be. Closing.

You’ve got to (grudgingly) admire the way ESPN goes about its business.

As the University of Houston, meanwhile, approaches its first year in the Big East, ESPN reportedly has a week to match or pass on NBC’s bid to pay what SI.com describes as between $20 million and $23 million for Big East rights over six years. The league has been hit by rampant defections in recent years, but speculation is that ESPN could renew the Big East deal to fill in the gaps that will be created on ESPNU when it launches its SEC network.

Maybe the NCAA ought to restructure D-1 football on the basis of which ABC/ESPN channel a conference’s games appear on.


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Spring football is just around the corner.

Or here, if you happen to play for Army, believe it or not, where practice started last Tuesday.

Here’s the comprehensive list of start dates for practices and spring games. (Georgia’s are March 2 and April 16 6, respectively, if you’re too lazy to click.)


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Mark Richt has lost control of Alec Ogletree.

One can sense the disappointment from the Red & Black that Ogletree still isn’t in school.


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