Spring football is just around the corner.

Or here, if you happen to play for Army, believe it or not, where practice started last Tuesday.

Here’s the comprehensive list of start dates for practices and spring games. (Georgia’s are March 2 and April 16 6, respectively, if you’re too lazy to click.)



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6 responses to “Spring football is just around the corner.

  1. Barstool69

    Thought Gday was April 6?


    • You are correct. So much for the list being comprehensive.


      • Cojones

        It does the soul good to see a blatant mistake from you. It lightens the guilt of my blogging stupid mistakes. It also has the endearing factor of not having double checked the facts like most of us “off the top” bloggers do constantly. It makes you more one of us.


        • Macallanlover

          He just throws you a bone every once in a while so you feel you can relate. He is infallible, and you know it, saw Him stroll across the St. Johns River one day when traffic was backed up for the WLOCP.

          I am just glad Mr. McGarity chose to, once again, have G Day on a non-Masters weekend. Hope we get better weather this year, I believe the forecast hurt last year’s crowd. Some interesting position battles shaping up and lots of EEs on campus this season.


        • You’ve never seen me make mistakes here? I thought you were a regular reader. 😉