One good class and they go crazy.

It’s getting a little weird for some at Ole Miss.

The most talked about recruiting battle after National Signing Day has been that of Laremy Tunsil of Lake City, Florida. The behemoth tackle has coaches drooling over his projection to be the next Michael Oher at Ole Miss.  His recruitment was a strange one.  He was long thought to be headed to Georgia and had a change of mind at the end that has fueled speculation and a ton of anger from UGA fans and possibly even their administration. Does the current news of Georgia president Michael Adams stepping down play into this?

Adams plans to step down after 16 years at the helm of the state’s flagship university. Adams did a great job growing UGA and its enrollment nearly 6 times of its total when he started.  [Ed. note:  What?]  I’m sure you are wondering why this has anything to do with Laremy Tunsil. It was announced that Adams is 1 of 8 new members on the NCAA infraction committee. In Craig Powers article on SBnation he said, “The NCAA says the move is to allow the committee to handle more cases and process more efficiently.” Powers went on to add, “Many are likely hoping this will be a step towards a speedier and more consistent process in the future.”

As little sense as this makes on its face, as it’s unlikely Michael Adams knew about Tunsil’s change in college plans before Georgia’s coaches did, it makes even less when you look at the rest of the time line – Adams announced his resignation months before being appointed to the infraction committee – for which the poster has conveniently supplied the links.  So either Michael Adams has a prodigious ability to forecast the future which was previously undisclosed or some of the Ole Miss faithful are turning into a bunch that would be right at home talking to Finebaum.  Occam’s Razor, peeps.


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  1. Scott W.

    Scientific method and being relevant is probably something new.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Lemme see if I have this straight. The theory goes: Georgia is mad and thinks Tunsil flipped at the last minute because of shenanigans at Ole Miss. Therefore former Georgia Prez Adams is gonna have a hard on for Ole Miss once he gets on the infractions committee?

    Is that about right?

    Such logic.


  3. Keese

    Add Auburn to this category as well getting high profile recruits to flip unexpectedly close to signing day


  4. Dog in Fla

    Preferring to let 3rdand57 carry out overt disinformation ops, the conspiracy of silence by this All-Star cast continues to cover up the Tunsilectomy (h/t to the GTP commenter who came up with that Lexicon-worthy procedure) aftermath (of which even MFA was not aware) as if it never happened


  5. Is it September yet?

    He lost me at ‘Adams did a great job growing UGA and its enrollment nearly 6 times of its total when he started’.


    • 81Dog

      nobody said the Rebel Black Bears were good at math. Or maybe this dude really things UGA now has about 120,000 students.

      We don’t, do we?


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    “Adams did a great job growing UGA and its enrollment nearly 6 times of its total when he started. [Ed. note: What?]”

    I don’t get that statement either – maybe the writer added this because OM may be having trouble getting qualified students or something. Over half the A and B students in the ATL suburbs would go to UGA if given the chance. Its hard to find a H.S. kid around here who doesn’t have UGA first on their list of college choice. Enrollment would be 60,000+ if we didn’t have strict limits in place.


  7. Dawg in Beaumont

    For the fact to be true about Adams increasing enrollment by 6 times, UGA would have had less than 6,000 students when Adams took over in 1997.
    Who was the Quarterback in 1997? A man so loathsome, tens of thousands of new students matriculated to Athens upon his departure.


  8. Nothughfreeze

    Guys 3rd and 57 is a msstate blog. I think that will clear up any questions you have about the education level of the blog.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    I get a feeling in his new role, Dr. Adams will bust UGA athletics in the chops long before he even takes a whiff at Ole Miss.

    What better way to “balance” athletics with academics?


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Could ‘enrollment’ be a typo of ‘endowment’? Not that I want to give Adams credit for anything, but if enrollment is 6 times what it was when I graduated in 79, it’d be 132,000.


  11. stoopnagle

    Hi Ole Miss.

    You don’t matter.