Amateurism, with a twist

It sounds like Johnny Manziel will be spending more of his offseason time with a quarterback coach in San Diego than he will on campus with his fellow Texas A&M students.

But he feels like a “normal” student.  So there’s that.


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13 responses to “Amateurism, with a twist

  1. Keese

    Four online classes as a freshman at TA&M? Would seem the whole campus would be devoid of kids.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    That ought to be fun for opposing coaches in the recruiting wars.

    “Yup, Manziel saw what they’ve got on campus in terms of women and in terms of quarterback coaching and he decided he’d rather spend his offseason as far from campus as possible.”


    • charlottedawg

      Have you been to College Station? I know several Aggies and as die hard as they are, even they admit the best restaurant in Aggieland is Applebee’s. College Station being a crap hole and Austin being awesome is one of several reasons A&M has been and always will be Texas’ little brother with a massive inferiority complex, even with a succcessful debut SEC season for the Aggies. It’s eriely similar to us and Tech.


      • Scott W.

        I fail to see how College Station and Atlanta compare.


        • Dog in Fla

          Except for the lane known as I-65/75/85/95/105 Tech is adjacent to the abbey known as The Downtown Varsity. The story you are about to see is how Techsters get there. No names have been changed to protect anyone. CPJ wouldn’t want it that way. It would be stupid. College Station has no Downtown Varsity because, according to Boom, there is no downtown. Like Auburn.


  3. Just Chuck (the other one)

    Online courses are the wave of the future in higher education. You can increase enrollment (and tuition revenue) without a big increase in costs. We’re seeing some large universities making a big push in that direction with whole majors being offered online. Do we know if Johnny’s courses are all TA&M courses?


    • Russ

      We know they’re all in Sports Management. He tried an English class but it was too much, so he dropped it and took another Sports Management class. Gig’em, indeed.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Just to be contrary….what does Aaron’s summer look like?


    • Well, he’s already graduated, so his academics are probably not as demanding timewise as Manziel’s. But if you read the Murray article I linked to today, you’ll see that AM is still physically attending his classes.


  5. 69Dawg

    I can’t wait for the University of Phoenix to start their football program. They do have a great statium already.


  6. Debby Balcer

    You don’t build team unity by leaving to go somewhere else where you can’t practice with your receivers. This may backfire on him.