“I beat myself up.”

You still in the dumps about the SECCG?  You’re not even close to where Aaron Murray is.

“The next day I came over and watched the film,” said Georgia’s quarterback recalling, painfully, the previous day’s loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game. “I didn’t want to, but I forced myself.”

Since then, Murray estimates he’s seen the film 100 times — the game film of Bama’s thrilling (at least to some) 32-28 victory in that title game. That’s 100 times experiencing that same result. That’s 100 times trying to figure out what went wrong. That’s 100 times going numb all over again.

On the other hand, at least he figured out who egged his house after the South Carolina game.


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18 responses to ““I beat myself up.”

  1. Keese

    Heart of a champion! Although someone should pull the kid outta that film room and have a beer


  2. Timphd

    Stop the presses! Dennis Dodd writes a completely readable article about a UGA player. Gotta love AM. Hope he gets his championship.


  3. David K

    I’d prefer it if the guys in the front 7 were the ones obsessing over the game instead of Murray. He played a hell of a game.


    • Bubs

      Most of those front 7 guys are too busy getting ready for the NFL Draft. Let’s hope the players behind them are watching that film and seeing what they need to improve on from last year’s defensive play.


  4. Gravidy

    Does anyone know who Murray’s roommates were/are? I’d like to know who the big guys were who confronted the gutless shithead who egged their house.


  5. gastr1

    Regardless of anything we’ve ever thought of Aaron Murray on the field, he is about the best damn good dawg anyone could hope for.


  6. Heathbar09

    Murray would probably stay for his 6th year at UGA to win a championship if he could. I sure as hell hope he does it next year. He deserves it.


  7. Beer Money

    Just remember, that it was Murray and Jarvis Jones who led us back from the abyss we were in just 2 short years ago. And they did it with class and without off the field shenanigans. For that, we owe both players a huge debt of gratitude, championship or not. But it sure would be nice to see AM hoist a trophy come the end of this season.


  8. Gee whiz. Why’s errbody gotta be so sweet and classy to each other all the time?


  9. Dog in Fla

    Aaron has scared himself 100 times?


  10. Debby Balcer

    He is a DGD and we are luck to have him.