Big 12 championship – it’s not us; it’s you.

Big 12 commissioner attributes conference’s decision to back off holding a championship game to ratings/attendance concerns over other conferences’ championship games rather than acknowledging the stupidity of such a game for a conference with a round robin regular season schedule.


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4 responses to “Big 12 championship – it’s not us; it’s you.

  1. Cojones

    F’ing Delaney! Someone should give him a Fing Scooter. He runs around trying to get other conferences to see his ideas as doable, but neglects to call us outright idiots for listening to the ahole. ESPN just runs his pronunciations higher up the flagpole and all of them end up looking like Aub for the last two years.

    • Cojones

      Sorry. My hardon for Delany took over the Big-12.

      • Dog in Fla

        Patients who have a B1G Delany erection lasting greater than 4 hours, no matter how awesome it is or how much they want to brag about it, or see blue and experience loss of vision, loss of hearing and cardiac arrest should seek emergency medical attention at their closest veterinarian.

        • Cojones

          Of all the symptomatology involved with side reactions of drugs, this list of reaction symptoms scares the most. The Amnesian is not heavy enough to do good heart massage so we practice with a new bag of dog food strapped to her shoulders. While both the dogs get excited because they think we are having kinky sex they are disciplined enough to wait a minute before tearing into the big reward package on her back. I’m just hoping her efforts will be long enough to get the palpitater(sic) working, otherwise I’ll be sinking fast, surrounded by scattered crunchies and hearing the fading roar of “Doof!, Doof!, Doof!” (our household word for “Dog Food! Dog Food! Dog Food!”).