Keepin’ up with the Saban, Plains edition

Looks like the bet-hedging proceeds:

I wonder if Auburn is one of the schools that’s told McGarity they’ve got his back in overturning the new NCAA recruiting rules.

More to come, no doubt.


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14 responses to “Keepin’ up with the Saban, Plains edition

  1. Jay Jacobs

    Hey Greg, thanks for fighting the new recruiting rules for us! Spend as much time, energy, and resources on it as you have to.


    P.S. Don’t pay attention to what we’ve done here. We support you taking a stance against the arms race (and keeping your profit margin in check for your Board of Regents – wink).


  2. Connor

    Is there anything to stop a school from giving jobs to the friends and family members of recruits? Can you just give a job to the dad/uncle/brother/coach of the top guy you want now? Pay them a hundred grand a year to be an “On campus recruiting associate.”


  3. Scott

    I can just see it now. Every decent H.S. coach will be hired and funneled money as a “consultant” while keeping their h.s. coaching jobs.


  4. JasonC

    Actually this could be good for UGA. It’s pretty obvious McGee didn’t care much for UGA, so for him to leave the school could provide an opportunity to get a coach who at the least isn’t biased against us or maybe one who is for us.


  5. Scott

    McGee joins Spain Park’s Chip Lindsey, another high school coach who confirmed he has accepted a position on Malzahn’s support staff.


  6. 81Dog

    I wonder if former Shaw (Columbus) and Troup HS coach Charles Flowers will get hired at Carver? That guy was the championship HS recruiter EVER at Shaw. He left his coaching job to take an administrative gig with Muscogee County schools, and half of Shaw’s team suddenly remembered they didnt want to be in Shaw’s magnet program any more, so they got “sent” back to their original neighborhood school: Carver. That just happened to be McGee’s first year to coach at Carver; the rumor was Flowers was biding his time waiting for McGee to fall flat on his face that year, then he’d swoop in and take the Carver job and go back to winning titiles, but McGee crossed it all up by having a really good year. Flowers took a coaching job in Albany the next year, and then moved to Troup until he got fired for allegedly recruiting (not many folks in Columbus doubt he was doing it, I think)

    Carver just got a completely new from the ground up campus, and the joke around Columbus is that it’s the “football magnet school.” (Columbus High is the baseball magnet, it seems). For whatever reason, talented players seem to show up where ever Flowers is coaching, and he seems to be a pretty effective coach. Maybe Saban will hire HIM in an admin gig. I guarantee you he’d wax McGee coming and going at recruiting.


  7. 69Dawg

    Hey Dog In Fla when are you going to take us back to the Bunkers. This war footing is going to make the arms race pale by comparision.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Auburn antes up. Georgia folds.


  9. Cojones

    Is a racially identifiable selection of black coaches going to be the next “thing” in recruiting? If most of the kids identify with college coaches in this manner, the elephant in the room is racially selected coaches for recruiting jobs.

    Exactly what is it that a HS black coach offers to recruiting bonding that another race can’t compete with when recruiting? Differing words? Nah. Most coaches are of racial ethnicities who are not black and they all recruit. Most kids joining CFB identify with black coaches when it comes to the signing bonding and final believability. Their belief is that a black coach identifies with them and their background and would not lead them astray wheras other ethnicities not so much. Doesn’t mean that other coaches can’t recruit, just may mean that black coaches are better at convincing recruits that they have their best interests at heart and can close the deal better on signing day.

    Interesting conundrum, right? That’s black power that many Southerners will buy into. The hypocricy of racial selection used for the sake of our competing for the best players in CFB is upon us.

    I hope that McGarity wins and I’ll bet that most coaches and ADs will agree with him.