Last season’s big story


In an area that looks at the SEC and the rivalry against Florida, I couldn’t help but notice these facts about the Georgia-Florida series highlighted: “Georgia has won its last two games against Florida,” and “UGA leads the rivalry with 49 wins, 40 losses 2 ties.”

Who would have thought, given the history the last couple of decades in the series, that Georgia could now put the rivalry back in a good light for the Bulldogs?

This, more than anything else, is why I can’t understand how anyone who claims to be a Georgia fan can be disappointed by last season.


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42 responses to “Last season’s big story

  1. heyberto

    Can I get an AMEN!!

  2. Russ

    We lost two games, therefore we suck!

  3. Debby Balcer


    • Orl. Dawg

      The Best picture I’ve ever seen is the one at the top of the Dawgbone website right now. Absolutely priceless!!!!!! Bitter sweet against the Gayturds.

  4. The other Doug

    I agree. Turning that series plus beating the crap out of Tech makes me smile.

  5. DawgPhan

    I dont know…I dont think we could ever win that game enough for me to think we are on the right side of it. I know that we are and we are turning it around, but damn we need to beat them every single year.

  6. Go Dawgs!

    It still makes me sick that they got within 7 games of tying up the series given the huge lead that Dooley et al gave us. We need to keep pouring it on for me to feel good about the series again. However, I count 2012 as a successful season. Just not quite as grand as it could have been…

    • Bobby

      Yea, it was a special season, but it was still disappointing. The south carolina loss was arguably the worst in the Richt era. That’s not being a doomsdayer. That’s just acknowledging that we let south carolina beat us a third consecutive season (and quite badly).

      Plus, we could have beaten Bama. As great as our effort was, we could have done better. I don’t think any of our players would disagree w/ that. It was a proud performance, though.

      I will definitely admit that beating UF would take the sting out of just about anything.

      • hassan

        We can beat Florida. Always have been able to. We just can’t beat Spurrier. It was unfortunate that he spent some time coaching Florida.

        • Let me remind you that the Zooker has a lifetime winning record against UGA.

          • Cojones

            So does Kiffin, but no one needs our reminders.

            This old fart is gleeful for the last two years of wins over FU, Aub, GT and Tenn. Richt has the ship upright and sailing thru good waters, but Donnan got fired because he lost to all the above. His wins over the western directional states doesn’t mean crap when included in the 8 wins/season record.

  7. timphd

    Beat the Gaytors and beat the Bugs and it is a decent season for me. I’m starting to believe that I will have to add USCe to that list though. I hate Spurrier so much and losing to him three years in a row truly stings.

    • Merk

      Clowney and Lattimore made Spurrier look a lot smarter than he was. He completely destroyed Garcia and was just lucky to have recruited a back that could handle taking the ball 30x a game. Of course, we also saw the wear and tear that puts on a player.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You may recall that I predicted that Spurrier would bench Garcia during Garcia’s senior season, thereby ruining Garcia’s collegiate career. Garcia had graduated early and could have transferred and played immediately somewhere else. I’m sure he wishes he had, now.

  8. Rugbydawg79

    Makes the season for me-for this Dog by far the most important game of the year

  9. Bulldawg165

    First time since 1989 baby!

  10. jryuuu

    i’ve seen the replays of this game 100x.
    i still hit “play” and watched it from start to finish.

    • Merk

      I still get chills when Mitchell makes the catch n run.

      • Cojones

        What’s really hilarious is my FU friends looking only at what FU did in that game. They don’t get it that Aaron is great and has bad moments. He gave two of his interceptions away in “Good Grief!” moments whereas FU fans still don’t see the aggressive takeaways that UGA pulled. They think that Mitchell was just lucky and don’t have any idea about UGA athletes. They think that Reed fumbled with no help from Jarvis.

        I’m most thankful that we will always remember these two games, especially in conjunction with Jarvis. He dismembered them for two years and I had to remind FU fans who took them apart. They didn’t remember Jarvis from the first game as anything but lucky.

        Spoiled as I am, I don’t foresee the beatdown stopping anytime soon. They may get harder because FU fans think that Boom didn’t have the players Crier had and they are infusing that into their team’s minds that these two games were luck and they could have won at any time. They are rallying themselves and building juice already for next season. They can’t quite improve enough fast enough to take that game. I hope it’s close and we break their spirit with a come-from-behind win featuring Bobo’s new and improved O machine. Sic’em Dawgs!!

        • Cojones

          By the way- we owe their butt for the BCS game they lobbied away from us. They got their just deserts in that game and in no way does that mitigate the assholery that they negotiated with ESPN’s help.

  11. Heathbar09

    “This, more than anything else, is why I can’t understand how anyone who claims to be a Georgia fan can be disappointed by last season.”

    Agreed. Disappointed and heartbroken are 2 different things. Still was an awesome season.

    Last 2 years against UF, GT, AU, UT: 8-0. 3 years in a row?

  12. Rebar

    I noticed we were much more physical with Florida for these last 2 years. They seemed to cart off their injured alot these last 2 games against us. Reminded me of the 80’s!

  13. 202dawg

    What a game…

  14. Macallanlover

    I fully understand the enthusiasm for getting halting the giveaways that have plaqued us over the past 15 or so years but just beating Florida is not the way I define success. Winning always beats losing,regardless of the opponent, but too many mature UGA fans allowed themselves to be dominated by Florida’s “newbie”, fans in how this series should be viewed. UGA has always been the leader, or very competitive, with the exception of the Spurrier/Goff matchups. The Dawgs found a way to lose a few they should have won during that 20 year, but the idea of our program being subservient to the Gators was just absurd.

    To illustrate how pathetic some of our fans have become, should Florida win next year they will still cower and accept the 1990 starting date as to how the series should be defined. We would still lead the overall series, and the most recent stretch of games, but some would crawl back into their parents’ basement for a year and live in fear of the next WLOCP. I like that Aaron Murray has led us to victory in the last two games, and lost his first one because of a mistake in overtime. He doesn’t get intimidated about that trip, he may make mistakes against a pretty good defense but he will regret only being 3-1 if we win again.

    There are many who view Florida as our biggest rival, and they are certainly among the top, but our season’s success must always be based on a compilation of wins against our several rivals and how well we compete. Let Florida base their success against us, teams that get too narrow a focus can miss the big picture. Meanwhile, I am all for celebrating a win over Florida and getting the series trending back to the way it should be. I always thought Florida was a competitive rival even when we were dominating the W/L record and I can asuure that, despite the loud mouthed bravado, they sweated that game on their schedule almost every single season during that 20 year run. I always respect their chance to upset us, it is an excellent rivalry series played with very good athletes, high stakes, and in one of the legendary environments of all college football. Certainly want to beat them again this fall but I would rather be in Atlanta again in early December competing for another SEC title even if that means losing to FU. I like our chances of getting there if the old injury bug doesn’t bite too badly, but we will have to play well in many more games than just the one in JAX (although that one looks to be another good matchup.)

    • charlottedawg

      Amen, defining success as winning against just one opponent is labeling yourself as little brother to them. The day we say that a successful season is simply whether or not we beat Florida or any one team is the day we become to some program what Tech is to us, an obsessed loser.

      • Uglydawg

        I would hate for Florida to become to Georgia, what Georgia is to GT.
        That should never happen, as Georgia has so many, many fish to fry.
        I would have loved to see a 70 point beat down of Florida last year, but at least this way, the Gator fans were still there when it ended….they had hope ripped out of their collective psyches at just the perfect, wonderful, Bulldogish moment! Bottom line…I’d take that win every year forever!

    • Rugbydawg79

      Mac, Almost always agree with you,however there is something about the uf fan base that makes a loss to them more painful. I do understand your point and we should expect to win that game every year.

      • Macallanlover

        I totally agree about the obnoxious fans at FU, but put aside their grating accents and pure numbers, they really aren’t any worse than the delusional SC fans, the ethically challenged Barn fans, or the nerdy, psycho Tech fans. My comments weren’t to say there isn’t pain involved with any rivalry loss (and if you live in, or near, the state of Florida it makes that particular loss hurt more), but a large percentage of our fanbase has this game out of perspective. You cannot let the Gator fans and talking heads define how the rivalry should be viewed, we have thousands of fans who have worn out kneepads worshipping the greatness of all things coming out of Gainesville. We lead the overall series, we have won the most recent games, and except for a few cyclical periods, both teams are usually very competitive with one another. This is not a UGA/GT type rivalry where one school owns the other. Only those under 30 can be excused for being confused about the reality of UGA/FU.

        So the reply was more to the thought that a victory in JAX could define a good year for us. A season with a victory over them would mean the cupboards cannot be bare, but it doesn’t mean we had a good year. We lost to them in 2002 and 2005 and had great years, we beat them in 2007 and didn’t make it to the SECCG. They are a large piece of the puzzle, always have been, but still just a piece. That said, the winner of the WLOCP will likely represent the East so the game is certainly huge for both teams…..again.

  15. Nate Dawg

    Just makes my day everytime.
    Only thing missing was Shawn Williams 4th down stop. I hope God allows me to never forget that play.

  16. Ginny

    I will never get tired of watching that. Never.

  17. Uglydawg

    While we’re on the subject of last year’s great plays, what about Samuel’s stop of the Missouri faked punt? What a DGD who had his moments! Remember him running it down the Gator’s throats late in ’11?

  18. DawgFaithful

    Amen! I was at the game. God what a feeling! Any year that we beat Florida is a good year. Beat Florida, Tennessee, Auburn and Tech and that’s a great season. Do it 2 years and a row and I’m as happy as a pig in shit.

  19. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Rivalry games should you feeling like you won the lottery when you win and like you lost your job if you lose. That’s why they’re rivalry games.

  20. Coach Bobby Finstock

    I’m sorry but I have to point out that no highlight reel of the 2012 Cocktail Party is complete without shots of that psycho Muschamp damning one of his players to hayull.

    • Uglydawg

      Finstock, I just wonder how much kids take into account the abusive displays from some coaches…Muschamp, Spurrier (in his own snarky little way) and Tubberville all come to mind..when making a decision on where to play. I’ve also seen Saban get pretty rough with a kid (kicker) while he was at LSU.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      The one where he tries to hide it by clenching his teeth?

  21. Senator, it never ever gets old to beat the Gators at anything. The last Saturday in October is going to be intense as Muschump may be coaching for his job if they lose 3 in a row to us.