The perfect replacement

John Infante’s not predicting the imminent demise of Mark Emmert’s NCAA presidency.  He’s just sayin’.

If it should happen, though, whoever succeeds Emmert at the helm needs to be somebody who’s both feared and respected, who has plenty of experience running a college sports bureaucracy and who knows the NCAA rulebook like the back of his hand.

But I don’t think Nick Saban has time for the NCAA’s shit.


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7 responses to “The perfect replacement

  1. Michael Adams is ready to fill this void.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    Yeah, I can’t think of anyone that might be interested in replacing him.


  3. Rival

    Emmert makes $1.6 million per year. I’m sure someone would take it.

    Hell, I’m available for half that and I can mess up just as good as the current staff.


  4. sniffer

    I wonder if Emmert is the problem or if subordinates realize he is weak and they can make decisions without much consequence. It sounds more and more as though he takes a “hands-off” approach, insulating himself from the criticism. That’s not working very well. Something says to me that the NCAA is in for a face-lift and that may happen sooner than later.


  5. Matt b

    Anyone else think that Emmert looks like a female muppet?