If compiling coaches hot seat lists is right, then I wanna be wrong.

I know he meant well, but all cocknfire’s exercise here did was to remind me of how worthless all these coaches hot seat lists really are.

First, unless it’s based on data coming directly from the decision maker(s), a hot seat list is little more than meaningless speculation.  After the ’97 season, Jim Donnan got an under the table raise from Michael Adams; by 2000, he was gone, because Adams was unhappy about a three-game losing streak to Georgia Tech, despite the fact that Donnan kept winning at least eight times a season.  Who saw that coming?  (I’m not even sure Adams did until the very end.)

Second, sometimes there’s more to an evaluation of a coach’s longevity than wins and losses.  The perceived heat on Mark Richt after his two bad seasons was likely mitigated by the football program’s continued financial success.

Third, at its heart, the whole hot seat thing is too damned arbitrary to be useful.  It’s not exactly hard to come up with a standard that could make any coach come up short.  Could anybody in the SEC survive an Edwin Edwards test?  What coach could get away with shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die?  (Well, maybe Saban, if he did it to ease an oversigning logjam… ah, probably not.)  I keed, but the point is, in a conference where a coach got fired two seasons after winning a national title, there’s always something freakish that could happen at any given time.  So why bother worrying about it?  Best keep this stuff where it belongs, in a Bleacher Report slide show.


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10 responses to “If compiling coaches hot seat lists is right, then I wanna be wrong.

  1. Any time is the right time for hot seat talk…apparently. Honestly, I didn’t bother to read the linked article, but let me guess…it’s about why Richt is still on the hot seat, should be or what it would take to get him back there. Can’t a guy get over the SECC game before we dive into this? If I’m way off….excuse me! ha!


  2. The other Doug

    I don’t think we are going to see a lot of coaching turn over after the season. There are a lot of new coaches plus a number of coaches that could have a disaster season and still survive (Sumlin, Saban, Freeze, Spurrier).

    The three most likely firings are Miles, Pinkel, and Muschamp. Why Muschamp? He could lose his temper and give the UF brass no choice.


  3. Timphd

    Slow day in the blogosphere I guess. Ridiculous to pose Richt could get fired after two SEC East titles, two wins over the Gators, and dominance of Auburn, GT, and Tenn.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Pinkel is by far the SEC coach most on the hot seat


  5. Cojones

    Senator, if you posted this to demonstrate how ludicrous that entire unthinking farce was, you succeeded. Another take is that Finebaum’s speculation was fielded by the Nats who immediately sent zombie trolls to the fray and that confused some disatisfied fans enough for them to become anti-Richt for over a year instead of just grousing about the losses..

    Since fan support is now improved, I don’t think the knee-jerk condemnations will fly freely and fans will be more patient and understanding about game outcomes. Nope, this experience will last long and next time the trolls will be spotted early for their attempted rabblerousing of this fanbase. We are smarter now and more apt to think for ourselves individually.


  6. Scott

    Totally Agree. Kirk Ferentz is always listed at the top of these hot seat lists due to his terrible record and $3.5 million salary. But the man has a $19 million buyout, which makes him about as safe as Saban.


  7. heyberto

    In looking back at Richt in the hot seat for that two year period, I really think it was the sports media and the blogosphere that had Richt on the hot seat for most of that tim, not the administration and not a majority of the fans. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s not to say Richt wasn’t in danger of losing his job. That could have easily happened after the 2011 season if he hadn’t turned it around, and the only time I thought the seat was really warm was after the loss to SC at the start of the season. I’m not saying I thought it was time, but it was the first time I thought ‘if he doesn’t turn this around, it’s going to be hard for UGA to keep him’, and it did not look good at that point. But back to my original point, it was everyone outside of the UGA fans, supporters and administration that had Richt on the hot seat for most of that period, but no way was Richt going to get canned after they made a big commitment to hiring Grantham in 2010 and swithced to the 3-4. That was in many ways a gimme year that the brass probably expected to happen. One year later though, when 2011 started off so rough, those faithful that had been big supporters started to crack a little, and I think its because of all the talk that had come before from outside of the program. I’m glad things worked out like they did, for sure. There was no question that a lot of the fanbase wanted Mark Richt to succeed, even when they thought he might have to go.


  8. Russ

    Well obviously Richt is on the hot seat after that recruiting fiasco. And everyone knows he can’t win the big one, so there’s that. I read it on the AJC so I know it’s true.


  9. Edwin Edwards

    Saban could be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy and would NOT be fired.


  10. Lorenzo Dawgriquez

    Adams didn’t fire Donnan, his puppetmaster Leeburn did. He owned Adams lock, stock & barrel of scum