Things that make Greg McGarity shake his head.

‘Dem ol’ coaching salary blues:

University of Arkansas offensive line coach Sam Pittman has yet to coach a game and already has received a raise and contract extension.

Pittman, according to documents released by the UA in response to a Freedom of Information Act Request, will earn $500,000 annually and received an additional two years on his contract. He was hired in December at $275,000 with a deal that ran through June 30, 2014.

Yes, Arkansas’ o-line coach now makes more money than Mike Bobo and has a multi-year deal to boot.

Maybe McGarity can lobby the NCAA about that.



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9 responses to “Things that make Greg McGarity shake his head.

  1. 202dawg

    Pay the man already!!!!!


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok….we get this idea McGarity is a bit of a small tipper…look who trained him…but what does he gain by doing this?

    Is the AD’s salary somehow tied to the bottom line? (Beyond the sense that he would not get to keep his job if things ran amok.)


    • I doubt McGarity is doing anything that isn’t already SOP with the administration.

      The problem is that these guys don’t seem to have grasped how quickly all this new money flooding into the conference is changing things.


      • Krautdawg

        … and fighting a losing battle. We might get the unlimited analysts & unlimited recruiting pamplets rules rolled back. But the coaching arms race is on.

        I’ve enjoyed these posts relating to our reluctance to spend on facilities, staff & recruiting. Is there any explanation for this reluctance beyond “that’s just not how things are done in Butts-Mehre?”


  3. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Bobo’s lawyers need to draft a new clause for his contract:

    “If Georgia leads the SEC in offense, Bobo shall make $1 more than the Athletic Director for that year.”


  4. Mike Adams & The Board of Regents

    This is the way we like it Senator! Stop rocking the boat!


  5. Dog in Fla

    “Jeff Long worked to improve salary packages”

    No one could have predicted that anything would go wrong with those packages


  6. Cojones

    OK. If the charge against Greg is that he is not keeping up with salary hikes in the SEC, I agree. If you are fighting a battle to keep salaries within reason then you lost, Greg. Keep up or lose coaches, but if you lose our good coaches just because you want to be stingy, you might as well pack up and move out with them. We then can dub you “The GOP AD”.


  7. Will Trane

    Somewhat new AD, but he has fallen into the same mindset of the prior two.
    Is there something in Athens these days that just plain dumbs down every damn body working the sports.
    I’ve had concerns about Bobo, but his work performance and accomplishments the past two year just might justify some increase?
    If there is one coach in Athens that is overcompensated it is Perno. Diamond Dawgs drop another game, now 2-6. Lost to that power house in Atlanta…Georgia State…prior losses was to the team up the road…Kennesaw State. Lost series to Georgia Southern, Belmont.
    Perno and players could not beat the little girls team in Hahira.
    Will somebody walk over to the AD Department and kick the AD in the ass.
    The performance in the men’s basketball and baseball in the SEC is a disgrace and shameful.