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Things you don’t necessarily want to hear on the first day of spring practice after giving up 350 rushing yards in the SECCG.

From the head man’s lips:

“We are definitely not as big up front. But we’re pretty quick and athletic,” Richt said. “So it’s gonna be interesting to see how we’ll hold up against a smash-mouth team and all that kind of thing as the season goes on. But we certainly have got some guys that can really run.”

Is that “interesting” in the sense that the defensive staff has its work cut out fashioning a stout run defense, or is that “interesting” in the Chinese curse sense?

And, yes, I know it’s ridiculously early to be fretting about this stuff.



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Somebody needs to get out more.

In certain quarters of the world of Georgia message boards and comment threads, this observation by Jerry Hinnen verges on sacrilege:

— Aaron Murray will be wrapped in bubble wrap. With the senior signal-caller and Heisman candidate, the Bulldogs are a national title contender; without him, even Todd Gurley, Malcolm Mitchell and a line that returns all five starters might not be enough to make the Dawg offense anything more than average. Backup Huston Mason has been in Mike Bobo’s system for years and will have the chance to prove again this spring he’d be competent if called on, but nonetheless, few potential injuries anywhere in the country would be as devastating.

Get this man to a G-Day game, stat!


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The death of another meme

Remember when it was a sign that Georgia’s coaching staff was mediocre because none of the assistants received job offers from other programs/teams?  Good times.

How you like ’em now?


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