Kerwin Bell, MVP

I guarantee you this Patrick Garbin post about the 1985 Cocktail Party (still my second favorite to attend after thirty-plus years) will put a grin on your face this morning that’ll take you half a day to lose.

And don’t miss a second of this, either:

Sadly, they don’t make on-the-field experiences like that anymore.

Oh, and up yours, Jake Godbold.


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  1. DA man

    and I can still hear a fool running around the parking lot yelling: “Kerwin Bell MVP, Kerwin Bell MVP!!” Oh yes, it was a great game.

  2. 2 IAR,B! Looking forward to #3.

  3. 81Dog

    from the Jacksonville TU. Ah, the sweet taste of your opponents bitter tears of wrath. Does this sound familiar?

    “Georgia had a trio of unsung heroes in 1985, when freshmen running backs Tim Worley and Keith Henderson combined for 249 yards and three touchdowns and senior defensive end Greg Waters — in his first season as a starter — added three sacks and forced an interception.

    Henderson rushed for 145 yards and two touchdowns and was named Georgia’s MVP, and irritated the Gators in the process.

    “I don’t see how we missed him,” defensive tackle Alonzo Mitz said after the game. “That’s just luck. We didn’t let Bo Jackson run for even 50 yards total [Jackson had 48 in UF’s victory over Auburn the previous week]. No way a rinky-dink back should get that much on us.”

  4. Buddha

    That was great. Too bad it was followed by two decades of having a large pickle shoved up our butt

    • Macallanlover

      Yes, why enjoy the great memories when you can wallow in the bad? Do as your Gator Masters tell you now, you hear? We have too many fans who can not enjoy the happiness we have been granted because they fear something bad will happen if they feel good/positive. Wonder why Gator and Tech fans aren’t afflicted with that disease? We have had more to celebrate than either of them but they just look forward to winning the next one while downplaying our success.

      I am looking forward to extending our dominance of both this fall. I don’t fear either, although I realize they will both come to play against us and could always win (at which time they will re-write history and tell us how they “own us” by selective use of the historical facts of the series.)

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        A 3rd win in a row by the Dawgs over the Gators would also make it 4-3 in favor of UGA for the last 7 plus we still own a significant advantage all-time. Maybe that’ll shut-up the naysayers. I also think the reptiles will lose some other SEC games this season.

  5. Gravidy

    Let me see if I have this straight. In ’84, the Gators won big, their fans stormed the field and torn down the goal post, the police stood by, and the mayor was jubilant. In ’85, the Dawgs won big, stormed the field and were met with billy clubs. Hmmm…seems like a perfectly neutral site to me.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Been sayin’ that for years G-Man. JAX, a neutral site? It’s like playing LSU in the SuperDome or Bama in Birmingham.

  6. Smitty

    I like how our fan in the “half shirt” ran up and was teasing the gator mascot as he waddled off the field!

  7. 436 yards and three points?

  8. 69Dawg

    I went to the game for a long time from the late 60’s until 2005 and the city has never been neutral. In the Dooley’s days they were better losers but after the Ole Ball Sac and his wise cracking self took over the whole experience changed. The 50 50 split in the statium does give you a fighting chance but the city and the Gayturd fans are awful.

  9. Athens Dog

    I was at both…………….and made it on the field for our victory. The police were brutal. All gator assholes.

  10. AthensHomerDawg

    Everyone has their favorite storm the field game. Mine was the upset at Auburn the following year in 1986. Little Stevie Boswel ( a kid out of WRHS) played his heart out. Erk won another championship with the Eagles that year. I think Wayne Johnson may have ended up transferring and playing for him.

  11. Dawg19

    Here’s the hi-lites with Munson…

  12. Dawg Vegas

    After the Cocktail Party police crackdown in ’85, and the hoses on the Plain in ’86, the ADs at all three schools go together and formed a students Better Relations committee in the spring of ’87 (IIRC). I was on it, representing the University Union and WUOG. We had reps from the IFC, The Pandora, etc. About 10 of us went down to AU, and a group from UF came up to meet with us. I’m sure the AU reps went down to Gainesville. It was such a joke – like, how the hell were we supposed to curb fans from getting on the field in future years?

    I guess when we met with our counterparts at other schools we were supposed to come to understand that they were just like us, and we wopuld then spread the good feelings and friendships through our respective campuses.

    Worked like a charm. I think I learned to hate Florida and Auburn even more during those exchanges. I’m sure it was mutual.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Worked like a charm. I think I learned to hate Florida and Auburn even more during those exchanges. I’m sure it was mutual.”

      Awesome! That shows that tripartisanship really works.

  13. Dante

    Wow, what a TV deal we had! Wasn’t WVEU a Home Shopping channel back then?

  14. Go Dawgs!

    Which was your favorite, Senator?

  15. Cojones

    Thanks go to every last one of you for the memory jogs; most coming from old farts. Knocking FU out of the #1 spot is always sweet plus the film added back the enjoyment. Thanks again.

  16. AthensHomerDawg

    My least favorite storm the field adventure was post UGa/uT 2000. My youngest son was 8 and it was a little too chaotic for me. He wanted to be where the action was and I just wanted to get to the car. He did get to stand on the fire hydrant at the church parking lot across from Game Day parking and bark at Vol fans as they walked by. When we finally got him down off the hydrant and home he wouldn’t go to sleep. He had to watch the game recording (VCR) all over again.

    • Dante

      2000 UGA/UT was easily my favorite, but I am biased. That game gave me my most prized piece of Georgia memorabilia: a roughly 18″ long piece of goalpost delivered right to my door (in exchange for a hacksaw).

  17. JAX

    As I posted on Patrick’s site, the ’85 game was so Florida football of the 80’s. They had all these uber-fast jocks and they were so shiny at times, even before they started wearing the shiny pants. The Gator offensive stats of that game were so telling – pass like hell, run very little, and get your ass beat – but we were pretty! Their fans were always so arrogant and confident in themselves and their team – as the saying once went, “Florida football – all the arrogance of Notre Dame with the tradition of Vandy”. Perfect.

    But some folks were astute enough to notice the trends in Florida, talking about the population growth and genuine athletes that the state was producing. Guys like Dooley knew that all the Gators needed was a good coach, and we all know the rest. Now the state is home to over 19 million residents, more than New York. Of course, 7 million live in SE FL and most came from NY but that’s a different story. UF will go through periods of ups and downs but the dips won’t last very long, more like blips. Too much money, too many athletes, and the President and AD are on the same page – unlike other places that succeed despite themselves.

    • Dog in Fla

      Some transplants in Dade say don’t forget “Jabronistan”: Broward County, Florida — due to the shockingly high jabroni count. E.g., “Once you’ve left Dade and entered Jabronistan, you’re basically in Alabama or Davie.”

  18. Mike

    Happily, I have a selective memory. I prefer the 1984 game. Georgia is still trying to score on 1st and goal to go.

    • 81Dog

      really? I loved the 80s in Jacksonville. We used to hustle back to Atlanta to watch the Charley Pell Show, or the Galen Hall Show, in order to enjoy the thin lipped highlights. Charley was especially spare in his acceptance of blame for bad results. The year we gassed you boys 44-0, including an early goal line stand, I swear to Dawg this was Charley’s recap: “well, they said we didn’t get in there. But later, Georgia makes the same play on offense, but they said THEY got in.” He also allowed as how he couldn’t understand the result; “we had a great game plan going in. We just didn’t execute.” In other words, don’t blame me. I had the perfect approach, but my idiot players couldn’t connect the dots.”

      good times, indeed. We thought the 70s and 80s would last forever. They didn’t. It took us a few years of getting thumped by Spurrier to realize things had changed. Ever since the dawn of Florida football history in 1990, Florida fans have crowed how they own us. Don’t look now, old boys of Florida, but the hobnailed boot may be on the other foot now, and you feathered hair, puka shell necklace wearing, bondo Camaro driving, wife beater and jean short sporting, pencil/fuzz mustachioed burnouts may all be crying in your Tebow and Wuerffel jerseys for a while. It just creeps up on you, but you’ll get used to it….we all hope.