Mark your calendars.

August 31st looks to be a day chock full of football, Disney style:

Georgia announced that its highly anticipated opening matchup with Clemson — at Clemson — is set to air on ABC at 8 p.m. ET on Aug. 31. This game could feature two top-10 teams once the season starts. The Bulldogs are 44-26-2 all time when playing on ABC.

LSU’s opener on Aug. 31 against TCU in the Cowboys Classic at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will kick off at 9 p.m. ET and will be televised on ESPN. LSU and TCU will be meeting for the first time since 1968. The Tigers hold a 5-2-1 lead in the all-time series.

Before the Bulldogs and Tigers kick off their seasons, the defending champs will get the national stage inside the Georgia Dome in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta. Alabama will face Virginia Tech at 5:30 p.m. ET on Aug. 31, and the game will be televised on ESPN.

I wonder who wins the “You are looking live at…” sweepstakes.  Personally, give me Nessler and Blackledge any day.

And kudos on the night game at Clemson.  Maybe this time they won’t run out of ice before halftime.


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27 responses to “Mark your calendars.

  1. Debby Balcer

    Perfect time to kick off in the heat of the summer.

  2. Timphd

    Please God, don’t give me Musburger.

  3. 202dawg

    Here’s to Nessler, Blackledge and Samantha Steele Ponder on the sidelines…

  4. Hobnail_Boot

    Y’all can keep Nessler and his GT-loving ways.

    • Darrron Rovelll

      Really u think Nessler loves Tech? I know he was the PbP man there for a few years, but his daughter matriculated in Athens.

      • Hobnail_Boot

        Getting on the P.A. during halftime of a GT and saying “To Hell With Georgia” qualifies him as a Tech Man.

        So, yes.

  5. rugbydawg79

    I like Nessler !

  6. RP

    Great way to start the season. I would hope the offense is ready to play in this type of game. They have all played in several big games at this point.

    • Uglydawg

      We’ll learn a lot about the defense. This one should be wide open.

      • Cojones

        Many of us have that feeling. Won’t help being at Clemson since they can pack the stadium and we can be no less than sky-high.

        • Uglydawg

          I keep telling myself that Georgia’s defense, being SEC forged, should be better than Clemson’s. Unless we see a lot of mistakes (fumbles, turnovers, special team problems) I see a win for Georgia. Maybe a comfy win. But the Dawgs haven’t really seen a crowd like they will see at Clemson since SC. UF and the SECCG were balanced crowds.

  7. DT

    I’ll be there, can’t wait!!

  8. Revdawg

    Had Forgotten that we have won the last 5 including the 30-0 spanking last time we played. Clemuns was one of our biggest most hated rivals when I was matriculating at UGA (early 80’s). Let’s spank ’em again!

  9. NRBQ

    Pretty sure Mushmouth gets all the prime ABC games. Couldn’t be happier if I’m wrong, though.

  10. Heathbar09

    Hopefully the game doesn’t turn out the same as the last time we played in South Carolina under the lights…..

  11. Macallanlover

    I love CFB at night, but whether it is Thursday, Saturday, or Monday night, home teams get a bump in adrenaline from fans that are stoked from the day of feeding off one another. Great opening game that should be an offensive show based on what we know now, but Clemson’s chances just got a little better. Hopefully the return game in Athens in 2014 will give us the night time edge as well. Think of how Sanford will be rocking, that is what we face on August 31. Fortunately our offense is experienced so the usual problems for crowd noise should be mimimal.

  12. hassan

    Very happy (and surprised) it’s not in the middle of the heat. But it’s going to be a nasty day regardless. As if an all day boozing event isn’t enough to put several people down for the count, Clemson allows people to go in and out of the stadium to keep the party flowing. I don’t think Town & Country will be covering this in their society pages.

  13. Macallanlover

    Good chance the SC game will be at home the following week since CBS is still tied up with tennis that early in September. Means the WWL will get to determine the time for the game, haven’t looked at the competing games for that weekend but it is hard to believe they won’t schedule that matchup for primetime. I would wager the Dawgs will be under the lights for the first two games and fans are mercifully spared the roasting summer sun.

  14. I don’t know how the game will turn out But Clem’s sons will be shocked that 80,000 people show up and will run out of everything from cokes to ice to toilet paper. They’re a clueless bunch.