Stats dig the long ball.

More interesting stuff from Connelly’s play charting project:

If you combine the previously-discussed 99 big plays that went for touchdowns with the additional 73 big-play drives that eventually resulted in a touchdown, 172 of 214 charted drives that involved big plays ultimately finished in the end zone. Simply put, from the games we charted during the 2012-13 college football season, if an offense had a drive that contained a gain of 40 or more yards, 80.8% of those drives resulted in a touchdown.  [Emphasis added.]

If you dig a little further, you’ll see there were 17 field goals that concluded drives including big plays. If you add the 17 field goals to the aforementioned number of drives ending in touchdowns (172), you’ll find that 189 of the 213 total drives (88.7%) that included a big play this past season resulted in some sort of scoring for the offense.

Now I don’t know if Mike Bobo had any direct knowledge of that correlation, or if he was just lucky, but let me take a moment to remind you which offense was second in the country last season in plays of 40+ yards from scrimmage.



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7 responses to “Stats dig the long ball.

  1. 69Dawg

    I blame Bobo!!!!!


  2. Dog in Fla

    Todd blames Bobo for going deep all the time.


  3. Cojones

    DIF, that needed a smiley face until you realize several fans really think it’s true.

    Senator, since the article ranks all teams, it’s appropriate to show where the SEC teams place: #2, 2 tied for #15, #22, #29, #41, 4 tied for #51, 2 tied for #90, #109 and #120. The SEC is spread throughout, but it is significant that UGA is tops. This is one of those stats that you struggle to objectively explain the significance until you realize that it is a part of reasoning what kind of O that Bobo and Richt have created. It is a damn good machine. All the evidence that stat reviews keep coming up with is that these Dawgs are getting better and better on O thru Murray’s years and he ain’t done yet. Neither is this team.

    This furnishes another drop of reasoning that should begin to get everyone by the shorthairs and rivet their attention to what we are capable on offense. It strengthens observations that this O has become a machine that can bust out flurries of points and always keep us in the game. The USC game was an anomoly of sorts that came from a stunted mental preparation for that game. Guess “talking them up” is going to play big this year to avoid such a pitfall, but comparisons like this go a long way to demonstrating that this team is about to embark on a stellar path of play that most of us are already itchin’ early to see.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    CMB has come a long way in the past couple years. I’m hoping to see our O put games away early and often this season, while taking pressure off the developing D. Can’t imagine there’s any O in cfb with more weapons. This should be a record-smashing season for CMB.


  5. 69Dawg

    You realize of course based on past seasons, the part of our game that we think will be the greatest asset turns out to be the biggest disappointment. I will not drink the Kool-aid. I will not drink the Kool-aid. I will not drink the Kool-aid.


  6. AusDawg85

    In his continuing efforts to follow the advice provided at GTP, Bobo will study last season’s stats more intensely and provide even greater variety to the offense by having Murray throw 1st & Bomb, then a few runs by Gurshall, followed by Mason hitting the short passes to keep the drives alive. Man, we are just gonna score at will all season!