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There’s that “C” word again.

How can you tell spring practice has started in Athens?  When a player gets quoted saying this:

In retrospect, Herrera agrees that the veteran-laden defense, 10 of whom ended up getting invited to last month’s NFL combine, may have just assumed they would be good again.

“Pretty much. I think that’s what it was,” Herrera said. “Sometimes there was a lot of complacency, where people just got comfortable with what they were doing, and what they did (in 2011).”

I guess we should prepare ourselves for a young defense that finds itself during the season, plays its ass off in the second half of the season, gets all kinds of critical acclaim after the season… and then regresses in 2014.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.



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“It seems strange to consider a car as a mascot…”


There’s a Mandel/Montana joke just dying to get out here, I think.


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“¡Vaya, los perros!”, redux

It’s not that I mourn Chavez’ passing.  I just wanted an excuse to post this photo one last time.

(photo via AP)


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What I did on my spring break.

In the case of Aaron Murray, it’s elect to embrace his inner football geek.

“We’re just going to train in the morning and the afternoon and Landry will train between us,” Murray said. “It should be fun. We’ll get a couple of two-a-days in, work with him, get to work with Braxton. I think that will be pretty cool.”

Murray said he’s had his share of “fun spring breaks,” but wants his “last go-round” to be about getting better for his final college season.

That’s the kind of dedication that’s good news for Dawg fans and bad news for anybody on the Internet hoping for one last batch of embarrassing vacation pictures.


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McGarity 1, NCAA 0

John Infante reports that the recruiting deregulation proposals that were passed by the Board of Directors in January will be reconsidered by the Board in May.  Curiously, it’s doing that even though it hasn’t received the requisite 75 override requests from its membership to do so.

Feel the wrath of Greg McGarity and tremble.


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Name that caption, shirtless and loving it edition

Spring practice is officially underway.

(h/t Matt Hinton)

Steve Spurrier doesn’t care what you think, but I do.  Captions in the comments, folks.


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Ask a stupid question…

You know, when life throws you a fastball down the middle, you’ve got to turn on the sucker.  So, I think you guys need to answer a question Butch Jones has this morning:

His sales pitch to the 2014 kids? “I think there are a number of things but my main thing is: Why not Tennessee?”

Please – be brutally honest.


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