McGarity 1, NCAA 0

John Infante reports that the recruiting deregulation proposals that were passed by the Board of Directors in January will be reconsidered by the Board in May.  Curiously, it’s doing that even though it hasn’t received the requisite 75 override requests from its membership to do so.

Feel the wrath of Greg McGarity and tremble.



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6 responses to “McGarity 1, NCAA 0

  1. Dawg in Memphis

    So it’s possible that Alabama could have just oversigned its recruiting staff. Do they get grey shirts as well?


  2. hey to goober

    The force is strong in that one …


  3. heyberto

    Have nots everywhere have suddenly found a friend amongst the haves…


  4. Cojones

    Saban will just relabel job titles and keep on truckin’.

    Sometimes rational thought or our reasoning takes a break, but we come back to clean up the mess. It now will be at the expense of open drooling mouths left upon the faces of recruits.


  5. MIke Adams and the Board of Regents

    Great news! Our surplus/profit margin status quo might be safe after all!