What I did on my spring break.

In the case of Aaron Murray, it’s elect to embrace his inner football geek.

“We’re just going to train in the morning and the afternoon and Landry will train between us,” Murray said. “It should be fun. We’ll get a couple of two-a-days in, work with him, get to work with Braxton. I think that will be pretty cool.”

Murray said he’s had his share of “fun spring breaks,” but wants his “last go-round” to be about getting better for his final college season.

That’s the kind of dedication that’s good news for Dawg fans and bad news for anybody on the Internet hoping for one last batch of embarrassing vacation pictures.



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6 responses to “What I did on my spring break.

  1. Kershdawg

    Thank you Lord! Good for Aaron too. Can’t find fault with that type of dedication… or is that just maturity kicking in?


    • Dboy

      This fall is his last audition for the NFL scouts. lots of $$$ on the line. I give him credit for being smart enough to recognize how important this season is for his future though. Many players in his position would still rather spring break party their senior season. Good for him and hopefully, good for the Dawgs!


  2. Krautdawg

    Don’t speak too soon, Senator. OU isn’t on break while Murray’s there. There will be plenty of co-eds sweeping ‘cross the plains …


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Just don’t eat the brownies.


  4. Dawgfan Will

    Honest to God, the longer Aaron sticks around, the more I understand how Florida fans feel about Tebow. I love this kid.


  5. Faulkner

    It’s going to take that kind of dedication to get out of September 4-0. I hope it rubs off on everyone else.