“Most coordinators in our league have three-year deals.”

Yes, they do.

Way to step up, fellas.


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24 responses to ““Most coordinators in our league have three-year deals.”


    Bobo earned this, IMHO.

  2. Rebar

    About Damn Time!!

  3. Rugbydawg79

    He will be Head Coach at UGA down the road-and we will all be thankful,this is a story in the works. DGD

  4. The984

    Regarding all of the coordinator compensation and beliefs McGarity is lowballing, maybe it’s because he has the third lowest salary for all of the ADs in the SEC? ESPN.com’s SEC blog section has a breakdown of AD salaries today.

  5. Joe Schmoe

    I was going to be pissed if they didn’t do this. Would have been nothing short of insulting given granthams contract and the rest of the league.

  6. Senator, what do you think about the week that was for GM? He tore down the Steele Curtain and locked up America’s hottest offensive coordinator. Have (some? most?) of your concerns been addressed?

  7. Raven

    Bob Knight told his wife they were watching the National Championship the night of the SEC Championship game!

  8. Bobo the Meme Killer!

    • AthensHomerDawg


      • I knew my nut sniffer would like that.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Hah…. I bet she does. Take her out more often she’s earned it.
          If you really want to spoil her …… I’ll take her out.

          • Did you just come out?

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              • AthensHomerDawg

                Why Hijo “you sound like you’re Just ready to burst.” YOU’RE MARRIED? My condolences to the bride. And my apologies. So now we have rules of etiquette? You be sure to follow them .
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                “Proceed sir.”

                • Which “meme” are you referring to? Bobo’s killed multiple apparently, including the Senator’s recent one on salary and contract.

                  And my mentor would be? You’re wrong.

                  And I’ll take my football acumen against yours any day without fail. I doubt you’d perform any better than you would in a spelling contest, or reading comprehension challenge. It’s a shame your only worth is based off me. Maybe one day, when you grow up, you’ll realize you don’t need to base your worth off others.

                  • AthensHomerDawg

                    Lame. Strange you could brag about a sports acumen that lights up your blog in such a way that no one bothers to post to it? Too bad Hallmark doesn’t make a “Sorry the dearth of traffic on your blog makes it necessary that you spend most of your posting minutes posting to successful blogs.” card. But you can always fall back on those writing skills. Maybe. Sports acumen…..NOT. I feel like I am in a poker game with my brother in laws kids. This just ain’t right. Maybe I should try letting them respond to you. That would almost make it even. At least I wouldn’t feel so guilty about spanking you like this. Since your the psychology guy (your undergrad work?) what is it about a spanking that draws you to it? And the choking with the premature back to back posts? S’up with that? You do know that a premature quick release can be a negative thing? Could harm your intimate relationship.
                    just sayin’

                    • Cojones

                      Children! Children! Anonymous attacking anonymous? The Senator asked you to behave while he’s gone. AHD, take your meds!

                    • What blog do you write for again? You said you write for someone, but I’ve never seen your work to test your “acumen”. Who was it you said asked you to write for their blog?