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My baby, he wrote me a letter.

Pity the poor NCAA investigator.  It had to be tough working that Miami case, getting little cooperation.  Then there’s that pesky no subpoena power roadblock.  So you cut a couple of corners and make use of a sleazebag’s desire to get even with the school that spurned him by getting his lawyer to do some of your dirty work.  And you find yourself relying more on what the sleazebag has to say to make your case, because… well, because that’s about all you’ve got.

But you’re still a representative of the face of college athletics, damn it.  So when Nevin Shapiro asks you to help a brother out by putting in a good word at his sentencing hearing, you’re not going to do something stupid by going out on a limb for a guy who admitted to massive securities fraud and money laundering.  And you di’int, right?

Oh, yes, you did.

Najjar, who is no longer with the NCAA, told U.S. District Judge Susan Wigenton that college sports’ governing body could have utilized Shapiro “in the future as a consultant and/or speaker to educate our membership.”

Talk about being fully invested in a debacle.  And here’s an interesting choice of words:

“Nevin Shapiro has not been and will not be a consultant for the NCAA,” the NCAA said in a statement late Wednesday night. “We are aware of the letter but cannot comment further at this time.”

Sure would be nice to know when the NCAA’s awareness kicked in.  I suspect that Miami’s lawyers would like to know that, too.  More depositions for everybody!


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