Help me make it through the break.

Great lede from David Paschall today:

The toughest time of year for Georgia’s football team used to occur around Halloween, when the Bulldogs annually came out on the short end of their matchup with Florida in Jacksonville.

Two straight wins over the Gators have eased that somewhat, but if only the Bulldogs could do something about spring break.

It’s nice to have talks from former players, but wouldn’t it be more effective to stand in front of the team with a small cup and say, “boys, when you get back, it’ll be drug testing time”?


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10 responses to “Help me make it through the break.

  1. timphd

    They should have Rambo and Ogletree address the team about “choices” during spring break. Remind them that they play for a team that takes its drug testing seriously.


    • Darrron Rovelll

      Not certain that Ogletree is a good example. Exactly how was he hurt by the suspension? He missed four games, has character concerns, got a DUI after the season and he is still being selected anywhere from 10-25 in the NFL draft. The last mock draft that I saw on ESPN has him going HIGHER than Jarvis.


  2. The other Doug

    Maybe we should be more selective in who we randomly test.


    • Boz

      Or give more notice regarding when the “random” will occur…


      • AlphaDawg

        How about not randomly testing a few after Spring Break and test them all after spring break, and let them know that they all will be tested.


        • Cojones

          Concerning the results to players last year, you would hope that everyone knows they wouldn’t be spared except by luck. How many remain stupid enough to let the roll of the dice dictate their future worth remains to be seen, but what the hell, they are still kids when it comes to adult choices.

          But I like the idea of taking the gamble away. Test them all or don’t test anyone until two weeks after break. Now, that doesn’t mean that the NCAA won’t test randomly and the likelyhood of being tested remains.


  3. Cojones

    Your suggestion of language and gesture are spot on, Senator. The visual aid pee cup sticks in the mind and flashes forth just before they take a dooby hit. Speechifying only makes them sleepy, much like the same affect that mj has.

    Of course this doesn’t help those poor souls who are tricked into eating laced brownies or forgetting they did so while drunk with friends. C’est la vie.

    Then again, what would we do without our self-imposed sturm and drang of drugs and athletics, our view of judgement, our view of punishments, other SEC team’s punishments, our administrators’s sneaky tests, the players’s attitudes, crime vs fair punishment, scofflaw fans’s attitudes, the whole of society and our values toward athletics, free poon tang, religion………..?


  4. I think we’re all coming at this problem from the wrong direction. I suggest that we expose the entire team to inhaling pot smoke under the pretense of an educational presentation which with the proper spin could be used to invalidate all future tests until after Spring Break. Party on Wayne …Party on Garth. Just trying to help.