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Cash and benefits

I’ve never heard of Terry Watson before, but given his location, I’m hoping that Butts-Mehre can either claim the same or has already told the guy in no uncertain terms to buzz off.

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If Jesus were an athletic director…

… first thing he’d do is hire Bobby Petrino as Kentucky’s next football head coach.

Hard to believe Mitch Barnhart was unmoved by that appeal.


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Two buck Chuck

I’m amused to see that at least one SECCG story has some staying power.

Richt, one of the more mild-mannered coaches in the business, blistered a reporter last season following the 32-28 loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game over a question about Richt and Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray struggling in big games.

Jenkins said that’s a side of Richt that his coach doesn’t show to just anybody.

“He was broken down, and that’s why he went after that reporter,” Jenkins said. “I promise you that he’s as hungry as anybody to do what we all want to do around here, and that’s win another championship.”

Remembering the silly fuss Oliver put up about the Brandon Smith non-suspension non-story last year, I can’t help but wonder if he’s as excited about Georgia’s spring break this go ’round.  After all, if something happens, it’s another opportunity to go off half-cocked.  Attention is good.  Then again, if nothing happens, he won’t run the risk of saying anything for which he’ll need to apologize.

That risk/reward stuff can be a bitch to calculate sometimes.



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Don’t bet on Les Miles.

Matt Melton runs the number on how SEC schools have fared against the spread in conference games since 2005.  LSU has the worst record against the spread in that time (by far), but Florida and Georgia are substandard, too.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to the numbers; what’s there is probably the results of what you get from a combination of winning ugly and the public doing a poor job of evaluating certain programs.


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“I’ve never gotten as many emails and phone calls regarding this one issue.”

Good to see the Florida Legislature has time to tackle one of the most important issues of the day.


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“But recruiting changed. … You have to keep up with the Joneses.”

Texas suddenly feels… er,  inadequate in a recruiting sense, so it goes out and hires Nick Saban’s associate director of football operations to run its player personnel department.

Of course, the punchline here is that just as the Longhorns pulled the string on the hire, the NCAA’s Rules Working Group announced it’s prepared to backtrack on the new guideline allowing recruiting coordinating to be done by non-coaching personnel.

Think Saban will take him back?

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