“But recruiting changed. … You have to keep up with the Joneses.”

Texas suddenly feels… er,  inadequate in a recruiting sense, so it goes out and hires Nick Saban’s associate director of football operations to run its player personnel department.

Of course, the punchline here is that just as the Longhorns pulled the string on the hire, the NCAA’s Rules Working Group announced it’s prepared to backtrack on the new guideline allowing recruiting coordinating to be done by non-coaching personnel.

Think Saban will take him back?


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  1. Cojones

    UT may be more concerned about their horny dilemma on the horns of their three ongoing sex scandals in athletics. Lesbian, sex with underaged kids, not getting fired for such behavior if you notify the admin and you coach football … you name the flavor, they got it. Institutional control?

    Johnny Mack Brown is up to his spurs in range rustling from his own outfit while putting the “okey-doke” on school-marm screwing. Not quite the way the script was written when his namesake was on the Silver Screen, beatin’ on the bad guys in a world of no greys, when I was 10 yrs old eatin’ popcorn excitedly at the Liberty Theatre in Albany.,