Two buck Chuck

I’m amused to see that at least one SECCG story has some staying power.

Richt, one of the more mild-mannered coaches in the business, blistered a reporter last season following the 32-28 loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game over a question about Richt and Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray struggling in big games.

Jenkins said that’s a side of Richt that his coach doesn’t show to just anybody.

“He was broken down, and that’s why he went after that reporter,” Jenkins said. “I promise you that he’s as hungry as anybody to do what we all want to do around here, and that’s win another championship.”

Remembering the silly fuss Oliver put up about the Brandon Smith non-suspension non-story last year, I can’t help but wonder if he’s as excited about Georgia’s spring break this go ’round.  After all, if something happens, it’s another opportunity to go off half-cocked.  Attention is good.  Then again, if nothing happens, he won’t run the risk of saying anything for which he’ll need to apologize.

That risk/reward stuff can be a bitch to calculate sometimes.



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  1. DawgPhan

    Music on the way home from work is the best I can do these days. Archer and Bell aren’t that bad, but the 680 drive time is just two guys playing radio…taking whatever offensive side to an argument they can find to drum up calls. Then chuck breaks down a conference USA game that no one would ever watch. riveting.


  2. Dawg in Beaumont

    In Oliver’s defense, I’d be in a foul mood if my alma mater was on a double digit conference game losing streak.

    Can’t spell “Ten game SEC losing streak” without Tigers

    Can’t spell “We’ve given up 76 straight points to UGA” without War Eagle

    Can’t spell “Backup school” without AU

    Can’t spell “Dead pathetic last in the SEC in Football and Basketball” without Plainsman

    Have I mentioned I like drivin’ in my truck?


  3. D.N. Nation

    Last year’s SEC Championship Game was the best one the conference has ever had, a fantastic finish to a solid SEC season that validated the greatness of one program (Alabama) and promoted the rise of another (Georgia). Obviously I’m busted up as a Georgia fan over how it ended, but I’m still better as a football fan having watched the game.

    Chuck Oliver’s take from that terrific game, though, was that it opened the door for him to be a troll. Shameful, really.

    And yeah, he’s an Auburn fan, so.


  4. section Z alum

    Chuck Oliver brings to analysis of college football all the talent, integrity, and intellect of Paris Hilton on a meth bender, except he’s fatter.


  5. heyberto

    Granted, this is hearsay, but my family is friends with a high school coach in rural Georgia, and a few years ago at a get together we got to talking about the coaches at UGA and he said don’t believe for a second what you think about Mark Richt’s outward public persona. Behind the scenes, he’s tough on his coaches. He believes in them, he’s fair with them, but he demands more from them than his outward personality would lead you to believe.


    • Macallanlover

      I have never understood how the Richt haters continually missed the competitive, tougher side of Mark Richt. Every person who knows the man has consistently spoken of how the public personna is misleading about the layer of steel that resides in him, as in all successful players/coaches. To think there is only one personality type that can succeed at the top level of any organization is to ignore thousands of individuals who have proven otherwise. To think winning is reserved for the loudest and rudest among us is ignorance to the 10th power. Studies of athletics, business, politics, etc., are overflowing with examples of successful amiables, drivers, analyticals, etc. The most certain way to fail might be to attempt trying to adopt your own personality to someone else’s “model” of what a leader should act like.


  6. The other Doug

    I’m glad Richt went after him. There are so many trolls out there covering CFB.


  7. Dawgy45

    “Remembering the silly fuss Oliver put up about the Brandon Smith non-suspension non-story last year”

    Senator, I consider the original story linked here and the reference to it today to be my 15 minutes of fame. Thank you sir! Now that I have achieved fame I am on to making my first million…


  8. austintwo

    C-Fat’s absolute all-time boner was stating flat-out that “Matt Stafford will never take a snap for Georgia” – trying to say Matt’s commitment wouldn’t hold – but MATT HAD ALREADY ENROLLED EARLY!!!!

    Dude is an Auburn homer, obviously, but to tell you the truth I think his homey Chernoff is the bigger douchebag.


  9. jim

    Is CO gay? If not, he surely did miss a great chance.


    • PTC DAWG

      Why are you insulting gay folks?


      • Scott

        I guess jim just assumes every UGA fan on a message board is a homophobe like him.


        • jim

          I personally don’t care if CO is gay or straight. Perhaps I should have just limited my comments to this: CO is a big, fat, arrogant jerk, who seems to regard himself as some combination of reporter, writer, analyst, play-by-play, and color man. The truth is, CO is none of the above. He has no basis for his comments/statements/predictions other than his own bias(es) ala his prediction that Matthew Stafford would never take a snap for UGA. CO simply did not want that to happen. He questioned Mark Richt about not being able win a big game and was too cowardly to phrase that question in a way that showed it came from CO himself.

          If it makes you happy to call me a homophobe, knock yourself out.

          Oh, one other thing. CO’s voice tone and pronunciation are annoying, don’t you think?


  10. fuelk2

    I just enjoyed the fact that the ESPN piece consistently referred to Oliver as “a reporter.” I’m sure he’d like to think that people would refer to him by name, or at least by the fact that he’s a “sports radio personality.”