Knoxville distractions

A couple of random Tennessee bits for your mid-week amusement:

  • For some unexplained reason, Erik Ainge thinks now is a good time to start a Twitter bitch because SOD is selling his house.  You’d think somebody who’s upset over the current state of the program would find Mike Hamilton be a more appropriate target.
  • I know it’s coming from a fan post over at Rocky Top Talk, so it’s just a random opinion, but, still, if this happened, it would be, like, the most Tennessee thing ever.  Which is why I’m rooting for it.  Get cracking, Butch!

You gots to love the Intertubes.


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21 responses to “Knoxville distractions

  1. heyberto

    Is Ainge trying to be funny? That’s the only way that makes sense.


    Wealth envy never looks good.

  3. Dog in Fla

    If Butch gets Isaiah and/or Michael the Plan is that they’ll have to add another ladies-drink-for-free night at Bar Knoxville, a how to control and/or disappear your pistol class and 99 cent (but free if you’re in a Prius) cheeseburgers at all Pilot mini-marts. Here’s Butch in the trailer, not a mansion, preparing himself for upcoming duty

  4. AusDawg85

    Ainge doesn’t think Dooley pays enough in taxes either.

  5. Desperation is unbecoming on most, but it seems perfectly suitable for Tennessee.

  6. 69Dawg

    If UT does get IC and/or MD then UT has sunk to the very bottom of the SEC. I can get maybe giving IC another chance but to get a guy who Auburn has given the boot is just mind boggling. Auburn does not kick just anybody out of their program you have to be felony material for them to boot you. I guess they are as deperate as we think they are.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      IC had turned himself around with the team attitude-wise. It was a shame he had that damn gun, though.

  7. Go Dawgs!

    It’s truly a magical world. Some crank can get on Bleacher Report and actually drive media coverage of Tennessee supposedly targeting players pretty much by pulling their names out of thin air. Sometimes I miss the days when there was no internet.

    • RP

      On the plus side, we just killed about 10 minutes of the off-season talking about this pointless s–t. Mission accomplished! UGA v Clemson is that much closer now.

  8. Uglydawg

    Maybe they can file a briefing with the California Board of Pardons and Paroles and get OJ out while he’s still ambulatory. He’d look good in orange. BTW..Vols fans are still trying to find a classy way of stealing WV’s traditon of burning their sofas after a big win. They may have a lot of time.

    • Dog in Fla

      Believe that The Juice, as a result of awesome karma, is currently on a thirty-three year vacation with a minimum of nine years without parole at the beautiful and arid Lovelock Correctional Center located just off the strip in downtown Lovelock, Nevada.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      OJ used up all his eligibility. Otherwise the Vols WOULD be after him.

  9. 81Dog

    did you just say Erik Ainge was a Twitter bitch?

    Considering that Ainge’s IQ is probably half of what Derek Dooley’s is, and his income is probably about 2% of Dooley’s, why should anyone care what he thinks about anything? Do radio hosts in jerkwater markets troll for twitter hits like Chuck Oliver?

    If I was Derek Dooley, I’d happily go on Ainge’s radio show, and light all my old orange trousers on fire using $100 bills, while mocking Ainge’s career record, throwing motion, recreational pharmaceutical habits and current job. Those who can, do. Those who can’t do, coach. And those who can’t coach get gigs on a 100 watt radio station in SMSA populated by toothless moonshiners, fraudulent bankers, and hill folk who think Knoxville is a combination of Paris, Shangri-La and Lambeau Field. Dooley could really just sum it up nicely by lighting a big Cuban cigar, blowing a smoke ring in Ainge’s face, and smugly yelling “WINNING!”

    someone should tell Ainge to grind up an oxy, snort it and go back to being stupid about predicting football games. Leave the real estate commentary to someone who knows something about it besides the best way to launder it out of his jersey.

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wow! We flush, and it dumps into a cesspool in Knoxville.

  11. Lrgk9

    Love the comment ‘Bring the Fulmer Cup Home once and foe all’.


  12. Gravidy

    1) So it turns out that Ainge isn’t a rational, intelligent person? Who knew?!?

    2) TU is the new Alabama State? Cool!

  13. Brian

    So I live in Knoxville and listen to his radio show (actually happens to be entertaining) but they all talk about how much they hate Dooley. The funny thing is they act like he is the worst but never criticized him tell the end of his last season. Everyone who wasn’t a UT fan could see that from a mile away but not with orange shaded glasses. The 2 sports radio stations in Knoxville are functional propaganda machines that blindly support what UT does. They back UT till it goes south then they criticize. They are journalist and should be leading it. It is like the opposite of UGA where it is negative all the time. Also they are HUGE on Butch Davis I mean Jones. They think he is the second coming of Moses who will lead them back to the promised land of the 1990s. They really do think Butch Jones is a sure thing and that he will be a winner (not saying he wont but dont act like he is the best head coach in America). Also the have a hastag campaign on twitter for their motto #RiseToTheTop. I can tell you one thing that rises to the top…a turd.