“So it’s weird seeing that many guys out there.”

It looks like our first offseason happy talk meme has emerged.  Dawg fans, say hello to offensive line depth.  No, really, they’re serious.

“We’ve just got tons of guys that can play multiple positions,” Andrews said. “We can almost form three-deep offensive lines now, which is something we haven’t been able to do in the past. With two guys out, especially, that’s a good bit of linemen. So we definitely have a lot of depth.”

It’s been so long since I’ve seen anything resembling quality depth on the o-line that you’ll have to pardon me if I wait on that until I get visual confirmation.  (And if the line looks better on G-Day, is that because depth has improved, or because the defense is regrouping?  Beats me.)  I will say that I do hope Beard is a viable option to start at left tackle, because that will allow Friend to shift Gates back inside where he clearly belongs.

I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about this between now and opening night at Clemson.



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22 responses to ““So it’s weird seeing that many guys out there.”

  1. RP

    Thanks ESPN. An article about how much depth we have right at the beginning of spring break. What could possibly go wrong?


  2. RocketDawg

    If I recall correctly we have 17 O line on scholorship right now, that is why I can’t understand the “we need to sign 6 Oline per class” crowd. Yes we need to continue to build depth and yes we need to get as much quality as we can, but you can’t commit 20-25% of your roster to one position without short changing it somewhere else.


    • Pitbull

      Totally agree!! Who needs 20 to 24 guys for 5 starting positions?

      As long as we’re at or beyond 3 deep at OL we’re in good shape.

      For instance, we’ll lose 4 seniors after 2013, and maybe 1 more if Houston gives up on the NCAA or a young guy transfers. We’d be fine if we brought in “only” 3 OLs. We’d still be 3 deep in scholarship OLs.

      In fact, I’m good with bringing in 3 when we’re losing 4 or 5, and 2 or 3 when we’re losing 3 or 4, as long as we’re at 15 or more OLs.

      We’ll need the extra spots on the roster of 85 to build a deeper DL and get better numbers at RB & FB.

      How many OLs are at Bamer, LSU, or Ewe Tee?


    • I’ve never read 6, but at least 4 is my opinion. OL recruiting is the hardest spot. A lot of guys bust, or get hurt. You need a full compliment to make up for that, and at least 4 in every class. Last year was a bit different because we had so many returning, but you still want to keep a solid class coming in, so you have a good group of veterans in 4 or 5 years to lead the group.


      • Pitbull

        5 X 4 = 20. Too many.
        I understand your concern, but we can’t bring in more than 2 or 3 unless we are losing or have already lost several. 15 is plenty, 17 or 18 when we’re making up for a whole year with missing OLs.


        • You’re not going to keep everyone you sign. Take 2010’s class. We signed 2, Kolton Houston and Brent Benedict. It looks like none will ever play, so we’re going to have a year of 0 OL. They may transfer, or get injured, or a million reasons why they won’t last. Sign 4 a year, and if you’ve got 20 capable players 5 years later, you’ve got the best eye for OL talent there’s ever been.


    • Bobby

      I think it’s always good to stockpile OLs and risk having more than you need.

      Last season is a perfect example. We were in a dangerous spot, but we got lucky. Fortunately, we had a relatively injury-free season. But what if we had lost a starting tackle for the season?

      Generally, you want to sign at least 4 (quality, of course) OLs in each class. That way, you get good, staggered depth. Perhaps more importantly, we need–at a minimum–3 reliable tackles who are capable of starting. At least 2 of those need to be TRUE tackles, not big guards who CAN play tackle out of necessity.

      On the CURRENT roster, we have 16 scholarship players.
      – 2 of those are true freshman who likely will need to redshirt (Bynum and Cardiello).
      – 1 is Kholton Houston.
      – 1 is Nathan Theus, a long-snapper.
      – 1 is Zach Debell, who may or may not be ready to get in the rotation this season, but I’ve never heard coaches say anything but that he has a lot of work to do to get there. I’m not writing him off, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be ready just yet.

      Of this past recruiting class, we have 2 others who have not arrived on campus yet: Brandon Kublanow and DeVondre Seymour. Apparently, it’s always been kind of doubtful that Seymour will qualify academically this season.

      So, of the 17 we’ll likely have on campus this coming Fall, probably only 12 are ready to play/contribute in regular downs. Probably only 6-7 will be ready to start early in the season: Andrews, Beard, Burnette, Gates, Lee, John Theus, and maybe Austin Long. This might be the best depth and starting lineup we’ve had since 2002. But, it’s the minimum amount of play-ready lineman we need. We should

      We still have the rest of Spring, Summer, and early Fall to go. Unfortunately, lots of opportunities for injuries. Then again, lots of guys will have the opportunity to step up. More likely, though, many of these guys will need another year or 2 to develop. For example, Xzavier Ward certainly looks like he could develop into a beast, but he came in at 250. It wouldn’t surprise me if he needed another season to get to the right size and strength.

      In closing, I think having lots of offensive linemen is like purchasing insurance. You hope you never need it, but you always want to hedge against disaster.


  3. hailtogeorgia

    If Beard proves to be starting quality at left tackle, I’d be extremely excited about that line. Beard, Gates, Andrews, Burnette, and Theus? I’ll take it.


    • Bobby

      That would solve a LOT of our problems. If that was the case, we really would have a solid 2-deep. If we cross-train guys effectively, imagine the possibilities.


  4. 69Dawg

    Repeaat after me: “I will not drink the Kool-Aid, I will not drink the Kool-Aid….”.


  5. Such a weird feeling Senator. When was it 2002 when we had that beast of a line that just pounded FSU into the dirt in the Sugar bowl? Heck that was mostly Donnan’s class.

    I’m not saying our line is going to be that, but I does feel good for once to possibly not have to rely on our skill position talent to overcome deficiencies in the line. Sounds like we may be shoring up our recruiting–and doing less shoulder presses.

    Now I just jinxed it.


  6. Mike

    OL Depth makes me hot.


  7. paul

    Offensive line depth. Hmmm, offensive line depth. Hang on, I’m Googling it. Not sure what that means. But I’ll figure it out. Dang,.


  8. stoopnagle



  9. AusDawg85

    Hutson Mason will make the OL look great this spring.


  10. The fact remains that if you ain’t playing by your third year in any system, you are probably not going to play much, period. This applies to both Longs, Debell, Dantzler and Watts. Once these guys are removed from this argument then this whole thing becomes academic. I wish all 17+ scholly lineman will contribute but the reality is that they were above average project players that had decent grades and just don’t have what it takes to beat out the Ken Gates and Theus’s of the world. Juco is the only way to climb out of this hole for now. That is why Beard was brought in. Problem with him is that he is really a guard. UGA has got to lock down the best talent in-state and forget about the out of state 5 star guys. We lucked out with Theus and Max Jean before him. We just have a bunch of guards playing above their talent level. Unfortunately, that ain’t good enough in games like the SECC.
    Don’t feel bad. Every team has their jinx. UF’s has been a quality RB, LSWHO is a lack of QB. BAMA would be nothing without their OL and they do their best work in that position. I find it hard to believe that in a state like GA, CMR can’t lock down 5 of the best OL guys every year??


    • hailtogeorgia

      Dantzler was hurt almost the entire season, and when he came in he was widely considered to be a project. He’s still got a chance to contribute this year, albeit likely not in a starting role.