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Thursday morning buffet

Short line, but tasty.

  • Josh Harvey-Clemons has a metabolism problem.  I hate him for that.
  • More Aaron Murray stat trivia.
  • Aw, shucks.
  • That is going to blow a lot of phones up.”
  • Check out this fun exercise over at the College Football Matrix blog winnowing out the eleven teams that are most likely to play for a national title this season.
  • Non-football, but if there’s a funnier punchline in a recent crime story than “Sebring Police Cmdr. Steve Carr said police did not arrest the dog…”, I haven’t seen it.


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The price of pressure

Any post that references my favorite play of last season is going to get a mention here.

photo via USA TODAY Sports

So check out Football Study Hall‘s look at what happens when defenses rush more than four players.


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‘Your school is hard, and you don’t have any fun.’

Do you ever get the feeling that when Paul Johnson complains about coaches negatively recruiting against Georgia Tech, he’s including himself?

After all, it’s kind of a tradition on the Flats.


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