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In the SEC, cousins can be tricky.

I have no idea what this observation from Mike Slive means:

Q: Along those lines, is the SEC going to stick with 14 members or is further expansion anywhere on the horizon?

A: In some ways 12 is ideal but at least 14 is sort of a cousin of 12. Sixteen is a distant relative. We’re actually still in the process of absorbing both of these schools into our scheduling, particularly on the football side. It’s hard to absorb one, let alone two.


Now I understand why we can’t have a nine-game conference schedule.  They’re having too much trouble sorting out the family tree.



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Acid flashbacks

With Tennessee’s spring practice underway, I was wondering – do you think Willie ever gets the, um, willies about 2007 or 2009 when he steps out on that checkerboard field?

Bobo’d better light their asses up this year.  Just sayin’.


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