Acid flashbacks

With Tennessee’s spring practice underway, I was wondering – do you think Willie ever gets the, um, willies about 2007 or 2009 when he steps out on that checkerboard field?

Bobo’d better light their asses up this year.  Just sayin’.


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17 responses to “Acid flashbacks

  1. Russ

    If he doesn’t, he should. I suspect he’ll see many performances this year that will remind him of those games.


  2. Keese

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this season plays out in the SEC for Jancek and Martinez


  3. papadawg

    Oh, Bobo’s gonna light ’em up. I mean if you give him a 1st round QB and a 1st round RB, he’s sure to… oh, wait. Lemme click that 2007 link before I finish.


    • Merk

      Well, I think you cannot compare Bobo of 07 to Bobo now. He has literally grown on the job and if he continues what he started last year….it will be very bad for many teams.


      • papadawg

        I agree that he appeared to be a different Bobo at the end of last year. The SCar game (nightmare) and parts of other games (such as 1st half Mizzou) still present cause for concern, but I like your optimism. Here’s hoping he continues moving forward!


    • D.N. Nation

      Bobo dropped half a hunnerd on the Vols last season.


  4. 69Dawg

    As I recall The defense was the problem not the O. To screw Willies D all you had to do was roll your QB out, Besides Willie had to deal with Cutcliff and he had our number sort of like SOS.


  5. hailtogeorgia

    Ain’t that the truth, brother.


  6. hailtogeorgia

    Having suffered through the 07 and 09 games in person (seated with Tennessee friends, no less), I want to see us absolutely torch them…and I expect it to happen. They lost a lot of talent on offense, and that was pretty much all they had going for them anyway.


    • Cojones

      That supposedly had happened to them last year. They still put points all over our ass. Not concerned with what Bobo can do to their D, the concern is what our D can do to their O.


      • hailtogeorgia

        Even last year, though, they had considerable talent returning on the offensive side of the ball with Hunter, Patterson coming in, and Bray at quarterback, not to mention a veteran O-line. The cupboard’s pretty bare this year.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    UGA’s record against UT since CMR’s arrival in Athens: 8-4.


  8. hassan

    Two words…naked bootleg.


  9. IndyDawg

    I wanna see Martinez & Jancek crying like babies at the end of this year’s game and every time they ever meet UGA on the gridiron in payment.