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Coach Mark Richt said he didn’t know Murray was going to Oklahoma until after he told reporters and hadn’t spoken to him about it since he returned, but both Richt and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said they viewed the trip as positive because Murray again was working to get better.

“I’m glad he went, I’m glad he got value out of it,” Richt said. “But I didn’t talk too much about it. … It’s just a guy pursuing excellence.”

Kinda funky to think that in this day and age, there are still things the average fan can learn about at the same time the head coach does.


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  1. ChilliDswg

    Oh great… now Mark Richt AND Mike Bobo have lost control of their star quarterback????

    • I think the lesson here is the only way UGA wins the BCS championship is if for Mark Richt and Bobo to lose control of the whole team. LOL

  2. Spike

    “.. a guy pursuing excellence..”. Indeed. A rare trait these days.

  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    How about the fact that the guy in Oklahoma spotted a flaw in Murray’s delivery? And fixed it.

    • Gravidy

      That guy got paid a lot of money for being an expert consultant. In my business experience, consultants ALWAYS find some “flaw” in what you are doing, and then try to convince you that they “fixed” it for you. It’s what consultants do.

      I didn’t type all of that out to suggest that Murray is perfect. I’ve just dealt with enough consultants to know how they operate. If they come in and tell you everything you do is perfect, you won’t feel like you have to call them back.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Exactly. It’s like baseball… Every coach has their own idea of what good mechanics for a pitch or a swing look like. In this case, you have a guru with an idea what perfect QB mechanics look like and he wants to fix it, whereas Murray’s coaches at UGA know that the way Murray was doing it worked well too. I think it is great that Murray is getting outside opinions, but his coaches are his coaches. I don’t like the fact that he went off to Oklahoma to work with a QB coach without first consulting his UGA coaches. But if they don’t mind I guess I don’t mind.

      • Cojones

        Your take on consultants is more correct than incorrect. Having consulted for over 10 yrs, I have always prided myself to bust my butt on hard inspections of plants where hired. Most of the “flaws” that I found were backed by law and invariably, after checking a company’s internal communications, would find that the major problems uncovered by my inspection were already revealed by at least one employee, but the powers in the company had disagreed. That’s why I had been called in to verify independently. My final report and presentation was most times met with a “We already knew that!” or “We have been trying to convince the Board that we have to accomplish that.” . I always had plenty of findings to bolster the individual, dept or plant that hired me such that they looked like champeen problem solvers. And I “fixed” items by advising the lowest cost solution to their problem(s) that my experience dictated. Companies that took my findings seriously and complied with the laws were always thankful and complimentary. Two companies that didn’t were closed by law after the inspecting agencies found the same problems that went uncorrected.

        Retired, I don’t worry about trying to bolster my work reputation by stating that my consulting saved many millions for those employers. It was fun and when company’s complied by correcting my findings, were agency inspected thereafter and passed, the satisfaction of accomplishment by consulting was even more fun.

        • Gravidy

          Shoulda known there would be a consultant in the group…

          It sounds like my dealings with consultants have been about more subjective issues than what you are describing, you know…kinda like high-level QB mechanics. In those cases, my experience has been as I described above. No offense to you, Cojo.

          • Cojones

            No offense taken. Thought I made that plain in the first sentence. Plus, the dig on consultants many times is “He didn’t find anything we didn’t know”, depending upon whose ox was being gored in the company. Thought my posting demonstrated that statement is partially true.

            Not lionizing consultants, just not willing to put us all in the same basket. In my field they are held in high esteem since they impact the bottom line positively and that companies understand that fact all the way to the Board room where they communicate it to the stockholders.

            It was not unusual for companies to seek my services to inspect a new plant or process with some findings applied to their older plants to achieve company-wide compliance. On several occasions, I was asked to inspect all their plants, including international plants. Three of those occasions (differing clients) gave me the opportunity to sample Belgium beers( many not exported), and whose alcohol contents varied from 6% to 20-21%(brewed by Trappist Monks). While it tasted like the best beer ever to touch the flavor buds, you couldn’t drink a full mug because it was the equivalent of chugging wine. Jus trying to bring the thread back to football and beer drinkin’ .

      • AthensHomerDawg


    • Dog in Fla

      The Marks are thinking about launching an investigation to determine whether this consultant using an alias is the one who did the Blair Witch Kicking Project

    • 81Dog

      maybe that Oklahoma guy should be introduced to Tim Tebow. Let’s see how good a consultant he REALLY is. “Fixing” a guy who has thrown for a several miles already as a UGA starter isnt that impressive, but if he can find and fix the flaw in Uncle Rico Tebow’s delivery, THAT would be impressive.

      maybe the guy would find it easier to just teach Tebow how to throw righty.

  4. Bright Idea

    I hope this doesn’t turn out like messing with the ace pitcher in baseball and he suddenly can’t throw strikes. Hopefully Murray will be better for the experience but only time will tell.

  5. Cojones

    The advice he received on strenthening his throws by throwing while on his knees to increase upper body strength is vaguely familiar. Thought that was the routine way that HS QBs built upper body strength for their throws, i. e., it ain’t new. Perhaps some of you can confirm that impression with your experience.

    Noted that Richt and Bobo were complimentary of the coach about two weeks ago, but they didn’t speak as if they had advised Murray. Their support, when hearing about it. seemed very professional. It just endears them both to me for going with the flow and not making a thing of the surprise. However, if Murray fucks up his rhythm and throws over everyone’s head this year, Richt and Bobo have a built-in excuse. Think we will remember then what Murray did for Spring Break or will we just ramp up the rant ignorance and call for coaches’ heads?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Those that were singing the” Bobo has a crayon” meme but recently developed a contrite spirit in light of the back to back SEC East wins will likely flip again if there is a hiccup. Book it.