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They’ll probably wait for the movie.

Finebaum’s audience can read?  Who knew?


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Media, you don’t know Paul Johnson. You only think you know him.

Pity the poor genius.

“The media has an image of you, and they want to portray that image – so that’s what they are going to portray,” Johnson said. “They paint you a certain way, and that’s the way they want to portray you. I’ve never worried much about it, because the people I know, (they) know me. But Twitter gives you a chance to control your message a little bit.”

He’s never worried about it, but he’s going to start tweeting to get his real side out there.  I can’t wait for some ass to get on his nerves and spark a public Twit snit.

Prediction:  somebody at Georgia Tech is going to realize that hiring a “Social Media guy” is a smart idea real, real soon.



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Going quietly into the night

David Paschall gets the early jump on what I expect will turn into a torrent as we get closer to June 30th.

“I hope I’m remembered as someone who has helped to create proper balance,” Adams said. “The academic interests at Georgia come first, and I don’t think there is any doubt in anybody’s mind about that, given some of the decisions I’ve had to make through the years. I also hope I will be remembered as a supporter. I think that athletics, if done properly, brings significant advantages to a place of our size.”

Yes, it’s Mikey Adams playing the favorite game of retiring egotists everywhere, Spin My Legacy!  Gah.

Paschall’s piece is pretty balanced.  And I like the flow of these two paragraphs.

“You don’t have a physics section every day,” Adams said. “You have a sports section, and you’re usually writing about either football or basketball in large measure. I wanted people in those jobs who shared my values and who thought that protecting the name of the university and doing things right was important, and whose ethics were impeccable.”

The first prominent athletic hire Georgia made under Adams occurred in the spring of 1999, when Jim Harrick was tabbed as basketball coach to replace the fired Ron Jirsa. Adams recommended Harrick to Dooley, with Adams having worked as vice president of university affairs at Pepperdine from 1982 to ’88 while Harrick was coaching the Waves to four NCAA tournaments.

In a world where people at the top of the food chain are held accountable for their screw-ups – and make no mistake about it, the Harrick scandal was about as monumental a screw-up for somebody who claims to be all about making sure academic interests come first as you can get – we would have been looking back on Adams’ tenure at Georgia a long time ago.  That we’re going to be subjected to three months of ass kissing over his legacy should tell you all you need to know about how serious Michael Adams and his supporters are about academic interests.


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