Just call him Mister Scrappy Mofo.

The difference between Georgia’s first and second string quarterbacks?  Aaron Murray gets amped up and throws interceptions.  Hutson Mason gets amped up and throws punches.

… Mason and linebacker Amarlo Herrera got into a scuffle during the scrimmage after Herrera slapped Mason on the helmet on a play.

“There was a little scuffle between them,” outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins recounted. “Hutson swung at him and Amarlo, he’s hot-headed, and he didn’t like that. So he started swinging back, and all six offensive linemen came running and squatted up on Amarlo. His helmet came off, and the defense came up.

“It was a short little scuffle. It was pretty fun. Everybody was just pushing everybody around, no hard blows.”

The heated exchange only endeared Mason to Georgia’s defensive players.

“He doesn’t back down from nothing,” Jenkins said with a laugh. “He tried to come at us a couple of times. We had to let him know, ‘you’ve got a black jersey for a reason. Don’t let us catch you in a red jersey.’”

Said cornerback Sheldon Dawson: “When they got into it, that was crazy, a quarterback with a linebacker. But he showed how tough he was, and that’s a good thing when your quarterback’s tough.”

Yeah, well, at least until he gets his clock cleaned by an opposing player who doesn’t have six teammates sitting on him.


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13 responses to “Just call him Mister Scrappy Mofo.

  1. Cousin Eddie

    But I do see the D “returning the favor” if something like that happens due to the respect.


  2. Torgo's Executive Powder

    Lassiter, BITCH.


  3. 69Dawg

    Scrappy will get you killed.


  4. Rebar

    That’s not scrappy, that’s Stupid!


  5. H-Town Dawg

    Win-win imo. Love a QB who’s unafraid and scrappy but also a defense that lives to intimidate, even their teammates in a scrimmage. I agree, Mason shouldn’t make a habit of provoking a genuine badass like Herrera but I’m glad to see it.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Mason has really set himself up for a great senior year.

    Murray is our man and he’ll leave next year with permanent David Greene like status (or better if 2013 lives up) in UGA lore.

    But in 2014 Mason will be a clear team leader and BMOC. I like what I’m seeing from him given the position he is in.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Give Mason more credit for brains. Here’s just working toward a medical redshirt – and TWO years of eligibility after AM is gone.


    • Todd

      I don’t like a hot headed QB. Reggie Ball was always worth an early 15 yard penalty. Once you saw his helmet moving from the jawing back and forth with Georgia’s defense…………it was over. A good defensive Co. will see it and encourage his players to get in his head.


      • Cojones

        Best comment, although I like the fact that he doesn’t take shit. You are correct. It can be used against him and it will.