The good stuff from scrimmage

Parsing the tea leaves from the reports of yesterday’s scrimmage, there’s justification for optimism in certain areas.

  • Tray Matthews seems to have made quite the impression for a freshman at a key position.  Chris Conley’s quote is pure Dawg porn:  “He’s fearless. He’s got a great sense of where the ball is going to be even if you can’t see it. He’ll be going the right direction even if there’s a misdirection play. His sixth sense and his football IQ is out of the roof as a freshman.”  But the coaches had Matthews playing with the first unit and he held up his end of the deal, so there’s more there than just teammate gushing.  Given the departures at the position, this could turn out to be a big deal.
  • Likewise, it was good hearing that Ray Drew had a dominant day.  (“From what I noticed, Ray Drew was really unblockable today,” quarterback Hutson Mason said.)  It’s his time to shine.
  • While the defense didn’t give up a run longer than 13 yards all day, it’s worth noting that Gurshall averaged better than 6.5 yards per carry.  Not missing a beat.
  • By all accounts, Mason looked like he knew what he was doing out there running the first team offense.  It’s what you’d expect, given his experience level, but it’s still good to have confirmation.
  • Speed on defense.  My favorite quote of the day belongs to Ramik Wilson“We’re much faster and quicker,” he said. “They’re throwing screens to Malcolm (Mitchell) and we’ve got our D-ends already out there. It’s crazy, our team speed.”

C’mon, G-Day, get here.


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11 responses to “The good stuff from scrimmage

  1. RP

    I read Drew was playing with 2nd team. I guess Bailey is with the 1st team? Would like to know more about who the 1st team d-line was. Sounds like Matthews can play.

  2. Heathbar09

    Ahh spring. The dogwoods are blooming, The Masters is around the corner, and the Kool-aid is flowing!!!

    Seriously though, good to hear we aren’t missing a beat. Most teams are quoted saying they have a lot of work to do this time of year.

  3. IveyLeaguer

    So is Matthews playing Free Safety and JHC Strong Safety?

  4. Scott

    I worry Marshall Morgan is going to cost us games. Is there a walk-on who can challenge him?

  5. Scott

    So does this mean Faton Bauta is not among the top 5 qb’s? I didn’t see any stats for him. I guess we aren’t going to see our own version of Tebow.

  6. I always take everything I hear with a grain of salt re: spring reports, but the quote by Wilson regarding the speed is intoxicating. I also agree with the above comment about Morgan costing UGA a game. Dude scares the hell out of me.

  7. Mg4life0331

    Im no expert, but anything between a 4 to 6 yard average is more credit to the line than the backs.

    • JRod1229

      Richard Samuel disagrees with you.

    • Cojones

      Gurley, with two runs for 15 yds; sounds like heavy LB traffic to me. Maybe they ARE faster and can stop the run. Marshall couldn’t take advantage if his speed with this young D. I think that’s the side of that news to hold until Spring Game. We will see. If Grantham’s got this young bunch stopping our passing and running in that game, then we may be clearing the first hurdle.

      • What were Marshall’s stats, like 11 carries for 71 yards? That’s about a six-and-a-half yards per carry average. I’ll take that.

        • Cojones

          I will also, but the fact that he didn’t tear one loose with his speed means that the D was doing something as well. I wasn’t touting the D over any other part of our game, just that they give hope again that they can stop the run. Stopping a slashing and strong runner like Gurley proves more to me in that respect than stopping Marshall even if it was only on two plays.