The most reliable scrimmage stat of all…

… has to be the number of excuses/explanations Mark Richt comes up with to portray the reasons behind certain, er, shortcomings in offensive performance.

By my count there were:

  • the weather, which was the reason for all the drops and interceptions in the passing game;
  • the drops themselves, which was how LeMay’s brutally ugly 1-11 passing line was put in context;
  • situational plays, to explain the many sacks (“The amount of sacks shouldn’t be a reflection of a poor performance by the offensive line. Richt said a lot of them were in a third-and-long drill. Richt estimated about half of them happened there.”);
  • third-team rust, to explain Ramsey’s three picks (to be fair, Ramsey completed more passes for more yards than LeMay did); and
  • weather and situational calls, as to Marshall Morgan’s 1-3 day (“He made the one realistic yardage kick,” Richt said.)

All in all, it sounds like a typical spring scrimmage day.



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12 responses to “The most reliable scrimmage stat of all…

  1. The other Doug

    My kool aid tastes rancid.


  2. 69Dawg

    Oh dear god the sky is falling. The O is going to be like the worst. Help me!!!!!


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    One good thing about the poor weather is it’ll help toughen up the troops. At least that’s what the folks who won’t fund an indoor practice facility would say.


  4. Scott

    It sounds like we should be fine if our team plays in perfect weather and situations, e.g. chip shot field goals only, no 3rd and longs on offense…uh, like that never happens during the season.


  5. NRBQ

    Well, only one of Ramsey’s passes touched the ground.


  6. Cojones

    MISTER Tibbs is going to make an impact at WR. Great!

    LeMay sounds as if he is still wearing a practice parachute. It would have helped him bail out quicker. Eleven passes? Sounds like they told him “Don’t you dare run”, with the run being his forte.

    Aaron and Theus weren’t there so it ain’t like they went after the Big O and won, but the D news is heartening. They really ARE faster and like to hit.

    French Toast” is a good nickname for Hutson’s attitude. They both begin with battered white bread. Didn’t see Faton Bauta’s name mentioned.


  7. DawgByte

    Since when did the first scrimmage of the Spring amount to a hill of beans? Come on dude, lighten up. Just because Brice Ramsey has thrown 6 interceptions in his last two performances is not an indication that he’ll be picking pine needles out of his ass over the next four years… or is it?


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