Trouble in mind

Clearly, Michael Carvell is on to something here, as he shines a spotlight on what he calls “a big mess that’s only going to get bigger” – the scourge of 17-year old kids exercising the last bit of leverage most of them will ever have in their careers by changing their minds during the recruiting process about where they want to spend the next few years of their lives.

Yes, this is a troubling trend.  We must do something.

I’ve got it!  How ’bout we devote no further media attention to a recruit who revokes his verbal commitment and changes colleges before he signs a binding letter of intent?  That’ll teach those attention-seeking kids.

Not only that, but it’ll give Carvell a chance to devote some bandwidth to the less troubling matters of coaches changing schools and schools changing conferences for perceived better opportunities.  Sure, those aren’t the big messes (unless you’re a kid who established a good relationship with a coach who’s left or a fan who’s being deprived of a historical rivalry) that Carvell’s concern-trolling about, but if he can get coaches to open up about the cold choices they make about their careers the way he’s gotten them to speak about the kids making similar choices, maybe we’ll learn something.

Until then…


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8 responses to “Trouble in mind

  1. Tim

    How does Carvell keep a job? His highly insightful reports on coaches and Twitter? He’s the drivel master.

    • It’s simple: people click. Not sure why, but they do.


      • Because it’s the AJC, which people think gives them some sort of legitimacy and respectability in their opinions. The less I’ve read of theirs over the last decade or so, the better I’ve been.

  2. hailtogeorgia

    Love the Blazing Saddles reference, Senator.

    In keeping with that reference, Carvell is Taggart.

  3. ChilliDawg

    What??? Oh the horror… What will ESPN use for filler? Celebrity Strong Man competitions?

    Then, think of all those pay per read recruiting blogs. Talk about driving up unemployment… What’s next? Football helmets without face masks?


  5. Dawgy45

    Clearly the only part of this post that is worthy of any discussion is the Blazing Saddles reference. That’s a great way to get Monday rolling!

  6. Cojones

    Sign up date moved forward has been around a long time. Move it to a few days after the NC. Those who postpone beyond that date get no more media attention as well. If they haven’t signed by then, they are just waiting for a better money offer.

    “Harrump!”, dammit, “Harrump!”. Quit threatening us!🙂