Mark Richt, Dawg pornographer

From today’s G-Day presser:

Guess I’ll be watching somebody closely this Saturday afternoon.


UPDATE:  If you’re up for it, Aaron Murray has some more Matthews porn for you.

The praise continues for freshman safety Tray Matthews, who apparently knocked receiver Justin Scott-Wesley for a loop. Scott-Wesley was not practicing on Tuesday, and it’s hard not to connect that fact with what Murray said earlier in the day about Matthews.

“I’ve never seen anyone with that kind of closing speed,” Murray said. “He’s had some hits I’ve never seen before in my life, these past couple scrimmages. He’s laid the wood – I thought he killed (Justin) Scott-Wesley. I really thought he was dead.”



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35 responses to “Mark Richt, Dawg pornographer

  1. Ginny

    If there was any position where an “impressive” newcomer was needed, this would be it. Good news.


  2. 69Dawg

    I’ll take a double Kool-Aid there partner.


  3. I’ll take a shot of that Richt Kool-Aid too. My new baby boys got me stayin’ home this year. Will the Spring game be on TV?


  4. Gravidy

    I’m a lot more inclined to sip this Kool-Aid than that stuff they are serving about an abundance of offensive line depth.


  5. DawgPhan

    If you dont like kool aid Kentucky Breakfast Stout hit the Atlanta market today. Stop at your local beer spot and grab one this afternoon if you can. great beer.

    also Matthews is a big time player.


  6. 202dawg

    But that feller from Luziana said we don’t NEED spring football!?

    What a dummy. THIS is the manna that keeps me alive until August…


  7. TennesseeDawg

    We always hear a lot of smoke blowing this time of year


  8. 69Dawg

    I hope the coaches are instructing him to hit the right way or he will spend most of his career being thrown out of games due to the new rules and the SEC refs love of all things UGA.


  9. Macallanlover

    I have been optimistic about the defense for 2013 surprising those who had pronounced them dead before arrival, but I have had enough on this subject. Even if you just drew an Ace, it does absolutely no good to break into a big smile or yell to announce it. Let’s talk in Clemson about it, then again in Sanford the following week, then………


  10. 202dawg

    ““I’ve never seen anyone with that kind of closing speed,” Murray said. “He’s had some hits I’ve never seen before in my life, these past couple scrimmages. He’s laid the wood”



  11. IndyDawg

    BOOM! Goes the Tray Matthews….


  12. Tray Mathews sounds like a strong safety to me. If he’s going to come up and pop someone, I want him that much closer to the LOS.

    Also, I think it’s right to be a little skeptical of this ultra-green defense. We may be faster than last years squad, but Richt admitted we are a smaller one as well.

    I am liking how names are coming up at key positions. Still, though, too many questions:

    Are our lineman going to be able to soak up extra blockers and stone the line?

    Richts comments about Herrera are troubling. Do we lack physicality in the linebacking corps?

    Obviously, depth at corner back and safety are primary. Sheldon Dawson seems to be a solid guy, but who else? The consistency of Tray Mathews spring performance is really encouraging, and hopefully some guys that come in the Fall will help contribute to our secondary depth.

    TL;DR – Good signs from Spring ball, but we’re still green, and we can’t forget it.


  13. Being able to stop the run is going to be essential in returning to the SECCG. Seeing that Gurshall has big YPC is another red flag.


  14. DawgPhan

    Everyone at the scrimmage on Saturday thought that Matthews had just killed someone.

    JSW got up and said that Matthews was going to have to bring more than that, but JSW had just been lying on the field for a minute before he got up. He definitely had his clock cleaned.