“The right typeface, used consistently, builds character.”

This was deemed a big enough development for Greg McGarity to piggyback a presser on top of Richt’s G-Day one.  Ho-kay there.

Although if Nike’s involvement means we won’t ever see another stupid specialty uniform – I’m looking at you, fake juice – then I’m totally down with it.



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34 responses to ““The right typeface, used consistently, builds character.”

  1. Castleberry

    Surely the typography and color palette consistency will drive up our Montana recognition levels.


    • I can see it now – in a couple of years we send Hoppy back out to see how many people in a bar can identify the school’s font as “Bulldog Bold”.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I have an announcement to make: Henceforth I will be posting exclusively in Times New Roman in an effort to consolidate and solidify the Mayor of Dawgtown brand.


  2. heyberto

    Looks like the regular gameday uniform is now the pro combat model, but with our traditional colors. I guess I can live with that.


  3. Dubyadee

    I thought the headline was a beautiful piece of snark . . . but then I noticed it was in quotes. Fonts are a powerful tool, but they do not build character.

    Also, the new bulldog doesn’t look mean or confident, he looks constipated.



    Herschel is coming back for his final year….cool..


  5. Ben

    That was one half-assed, half-prepared press conference. McGarity didn’t seem confident; the Nike guy looks like a tool; and the press seems like they’d rather be covering something meaningful. If you’re going to do something like that, talking about your “brand” and “marketability”, at least make it look like you’ve been through it a time or two, right?

    Maybe watching Apple keynote and press events has just spoiled me.


  6. Gravidy

    I must be missing something, Senator. How will Nike’s involvement prevent another stupid specialty uniform. I thought they were partners in that crime.

    Oh yeah…I’m not a fan of the new bulldog logo either.


  7. 81Dog

    I never minded the black jerseys, or the black pants (just not together, please). The introduction of the black jerseys for AU in 07 was genius in part because we won. If we just wouldnt set ourselves up for the fake juice accusations for the future by letting everyone know in August we’re going to mix it up some over the year, I dont have a big issue with it. I didnt like the Pro Combat unis; some of our DL looked like 300 pound blood clots. if we stick to the basic design and just vary the color combos, I’m not losing any sleep over it. Oregon takes it a little far, but they seem to have a lot of fun with it.

    I like the lettering for the new basketball uniforms (and let’s face it, it’s not like we’re remaking the Boston Celtics or the Lakers iconic gear), dont really like the numerals on the hoop or football jerseys. Kind of pinched looking to me.


  8. Irishdawg

    I think it’s safe to bring back the black jerseys for a game this year; just don’t hype it so much.

    I wouldn’t mind a different helmet color every once in a while, either. Not the 09 GA-FL ones, mind you, but maybe a solid black or a silver and red design.


  9. Tommy

    It feels like we’re trying to get sorta-pregnant — i.e., somewhere between Alabama and Oregon, which are irreconcilably distant extremes — with the result being, “You called a press conference for this?”

    I don’t get all the thrashing around with secondary logos. We’ve cycled through so many bulldog heads that it’s become impossible to establish that mark as a brand with any better recognition than Fresno State. I’m guessing UGA, Nike and IMG are only doing that to create a secondary licensing revenue stream.


  10. Irwin R Fletcher

    #1- The Red basketball jerseys are really great. Please never bring back the silver.
    #2- If you don’t like the new secondary logo…do not look at the white hoops uni’s.
    #3- Never touch the helmet. Ever.
    #4- The black uni’s when paired with the red helmets and silver britches is a great, great look. It should be brought back.

    Pretty standard tradition to have an alternate home jersey if white/cream isn’t a school color. Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida, Miami…they have all had alternate uniforms that are school colors. What makes it so great for us is that black is not a gimmick. When Tennessee wears black…it’s a gimmick. When UGA wears black, it’s wearing the school colors. Anyway, my two cents for breaking out the black jerseys. (Or go back to the sweet black and red striped sleeves from the 20s)


    • heyberto

      Yeah, I’m all for the black Jerseys and the key is to announce it early, don’t make it too big a deal for the players. I love the traditional look, but I don’t mind wearing black jerseys once a season. Make it a reward. If you beat Florida, you get to wear it the next home game. As for the specialty pro combat, I’m not a fan but if the players like it, want it, and earn it… Then let them have one every so often


  11. Macallanlover

    I hate the “specialty” uniforms, Nike Combat specifically, and I don’t think we should ever, ever change the helmet. I don’t consider the Black Jersey a specialty uniform, it is a primary school color and it looks great. I am all infavor of wearing it every year, maybe two. What I am not in favor of is announcing ANYTHING about that to the fans in an attempt to be color coordinated. Just come out onto the field in a red, black or white jersey, and go about your business. We will be unified whether Barbi, Ken, Bubba, or Hazel wears a red or black polo or blazer. The issues we had were with announcing things to the media to get the message to the fans.

    One other thing, never wear a monochromatic uniform of any color, ever besides white. The schools who wear blue, red, orange, black, green, etc. look like Old School softball teams. I hope we never see UGA with all red, or all black in my lifetime. And if McGarity lets Nike dress us up like he did against Boise in the Dome, it should be grounds for immediate termination.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. I knew that sooner or later there would be something you and I agree on totally. This is it.


      • Russ

        I agree with both of you. Let me reiterate….do not touch the helmets.


        • Vinings Dog

          I was in school at Georgia for seven years. I went to games from the time I was very young until the present. I love that university, perhaps too much so. I want us to be the best or very near it in every category. I am very proud of the increased academic standing, and I want our athletic teams to represent us very well. Part of that representation is the uniform, the mascot, the stadium, the play-by-play announcer, the band, and even the hedges. All stand for the University of Georgia and we should not fall prey to recent fashion trends and a “me too,” mentality. DO NOT CHANGE THE JERSEY FONT FOR FOOTBALL.

          Tradition is a good thing. Ask the British. Ask the United States Marine Corps.


  12. Bard Parker

    “The right typeface, used consistently, builds character”
    Even Comic Sans?


  13. Debby Balcer

    The cut of the jerseys won’t look good on a player built like Motel 6.


  14. Puffdawg

    That new bulldog logo sucks. And when for the love of Pete are we going to rock the red pants with white jerseys again? How’d you like to see Todd Gurley strut on the field against Clemson in Sept under the lights with a ragged looking white, loose fitting, Hanes t-shirt looking jersey with no name on the back and a solid black #3, red pants on with a white stripe down the side bordered by two black stripes, long white socks, and maybe some off white Bike elbow pads? Bonus points for a bar down the middle of his face mask. Damn I’m ready for some football!


  15. FarmDawg

    Most of the discussion is centering around the football and basketball uniforms (understandable), but I have to say that the track uniforms look pretty dang sharp.


  16. AlphaDawg

    Are they trying to establish ‘GEORGIA’ as the brand to get away from ‘UGA’ because I noticed that ‘UGA’ was no where to be found in the manual or art sheet?


  17. Cojones

    Except for Debby’s comment, many miss the point. How does it look on the guys? Bet McGarity’s mission was to make it highlight the physiques the players now have as a result of his changing the S&C Program. You people never go for the devious and personal reasons some egotists have for placing their visible stamp of change on our team.

    Who the hell complained about the old uni?