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Georgia’s fragile flower

Ah, hayul.

He sure has a hard time staying in one piece for a whole season.  Let’s hope they’re right about the recovery.


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Episode #426 of Mark Emmert Says The Darnedest Things.

Really?  A.J. Green begs to differ.


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I keep saying it…

… but I really wonder how the media can expect a team that can’t field enough players to hold a spring game to be a serious contender to win the SEC.  As thin as Georgia’s numbers were last year, it never got that bad in Athens.


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So the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has decided to experiment with a premium content model.  This, as they say, should be interesting.

I don’t think it’s a profound observation on my part to note that it’s a rough time for print journalism.  And I’m not one of those who’s dismissive of the medium – to the contrary, and as should be apparent from the regular references I make to Georgia’s beat writers, there’s still a lot of value in what the papers, virtual or otherwise, bring to the table.  So if the AJ-C thinks this helps with its viability, good for it.

But I’ve got to tell you I wonder how it’s going to work, putting exclusive content side by side with the obvious trolling for hits that is the mo for much of what shows up on the AJ-C‘s website.  (Not to mention how much viewers are going to want the content that the AJ-C deems to be exclusive.)


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Welcome South, Tigers!

Bill Connelly looks at how that whole SEC rivalry thing with new kid on the block Missouri is working and, quite frankly, finds us a little slack in that department:

… Georgia fans were among the ones least impressed with Mizzou’s move to the conference (those less impressed tended to be the ones who live a long, long way away from Columbia), and I think it’s probably telling that, at Senator Blutarsky’s blog, there hasn’t been a Missouri mention in months. It’ll take something pretty impressive for us to end up with more than three points in this category.

Speaking for myself, there’s got to be a dash of hate to spice up any rivalry.  There’s nothing quite like a mid-sixties harridan wearing a piss-gold sweater she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anywhere outside of Bobby Dodd Stadium getting in your face after (another) Georgia Tech loss to tell you to go to hell, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s Missouri’s problem.  They’re too nice.  Everything I heard from friends and acquaintances who made the trip to Columbia last year was about how gracious the locals were.  And even Sheldon Richardson had the good manners to apologize to Richt after the game for his “old man football” remark.  That’s no way to build a rivalry.

Missouri needs to do something October 12th to jumpstart the heat.  My suggestion?  Gary Pinkel needs to hire a consultant on how to get an edge that riles things up.  And I’ve got the perfect candidate – he’s even got a familiar name.  Of course, that kind of stuff can backfire on you if you’re not careful.

Helpful suggestions for Bill are, of course, welcomed in the comments.


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